President’s Message – A Few Changes

July 16, 2019

- By Anne Meczywor

We expect the unexpected and anticipate what might occur so we are ready for it. Most people wouldn’t even know we had resorted to a Plan B, C, or Z if that’s what it takes because we keep things moving seamlessly.

By the time you read this, two big changes will have taken place at our Massachusetts Association of REALTORS®. (Please read the other articles in this issue of the magazine about these changes too.) The first is the purchase of our new MAR Headquarters building in Foxborough.

This change will give us a much-desired and a long-sought-after permanent home. As you can imagine, we felt the same emotions our clients feel when we were finally handed the keys to our new home. Before we move in, we will renovate the building to make sure it meets our current needs and is adaptable to meet our future needs. Be on the lookout for updates, announcements, photos, and events across our social media channels, newsletters, and, as well as future articles in Bay State REALTOR® magazine.

Operations of the Association and our professional staff will begin working out of our new home in January 2020. The second big change is that after a nationwide search, the MAR Executive Committee accepted the recommendation of the Selection Task Force to hire Theresa Hatton as our new chief executive officer and executive vice president.

Please join me in welcoming Theresa to the MAR family! We’re excited about these new changes and we’ll be treating them like we do when we work with our clients. We’re going in having done our homework and being well-prepared. We’re watching the details and keeping our eye on the goal. We are anticipating challenges, twists, and turns. And like any good REALTOR®, we’ll use our ability to adapt to do the best possible job for you, our member.