REALTOR® vs. Licensed Broker

It’s wise for buyers and sellers to have a licensed broker by their side, but it’s best to partner with a REALTOR®. As a REALTOR®, you are a licensed broker within a professional development association that follows a strict Code of Ethics, making you a partner your clients can trust.

REALTOR® Code of Ethics

The REALTOR® Code of Ethics includes numerous standards of practice that hold REALTORS® to a higher standard than Massachusetts license law. It’s also a living document, requiring REALTORS® to attend training on the Code every three years.


  • Truthfulness in statements and advertising
  • Loyalty to and fiduciary (financial and legal) duty to clients
  • Cooperation with competitors, including non-interference in exclusive relationships that other REALTORS® have with clients
REALTORS® stand out among competitors because they abide by a Code of Ethics.

That's the REALTOR® difference