Disputing a Settlement?
Facing Possible Eviction?

Unprecedented times have led many to face financial hardships, and many are facing eviction from their home. Resolution MA offers free or low-cost housing mediation programs for tenants and landlords to reach compromises that satisfy all parties without the need to endure lengthy court proceedings.

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When tenant-landlord conflicts develop, partner with a trained mediator to achieve a peaceful resolution.

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Why Partner with a Mediator?

Reach a Peaceful Resolution

Mediators allow tenants and landlords to engage in more peaceful discussion in the effort to reach a resolution all parties can feel confident with.

Avoid Court Hassles

Court fees, backed-up dates, and a flag on your record? Avoid the stressful court process altogether with mediation services that keep you in control.

Better Outcomes for All

Court system resolution often involves win-lose situations. Mediation promotes compromise and negotiation with both landlord and tenant needs in mind.

Additional Resources

Landlord Advocacy Services through the Volunteer Lawyers Project

The Massachusetts Association of REALTORS®

Mediation Scholarship Program

Supporting our State’s Future Mediators

In partnership with Resolution MA, the Massachusetts Association of REALTORS® is
sponsoring the training and education of mediators to serve our communities and
bring about equitable housing, one resolution at a time.