The MAR Legal Hotline

MAR staff attorneys can assist authorized members with questions about current state and federal laws and regulations, permissible business practices, and important court rulings affecting real estate professionals in Massachusetts.

To Access the Legal Hotline:


Broker Authorization Form

Notes from the Legal Hotline:

A monthly publication, Notes from the Legal Hotline, addresses the month’s “hot topics” in real estate law.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: The MAR Legal Hotline is a member benefit offered to authorized users free of charge. An attorney on staff is available Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM, to provide information on real estate law and other related matters. The program is intended to provide general guidance to MAR members. Information received through the Legal Hotline is not intended to be used to counsel other real estate licensees or the public. Members are encouraged to seek independent legal counsel to assist with specific situations.

A: The program provides information to help prevent REALTORS® from making mistakes that may expose them to legal liability. Many of the questions received through the Hotline may not be considered “serious” enough to pay for a private attorney’s opinion. It thus enables members to receive answers to important questions at no additional cost and avoid potentially costly legal entanglements in the future.

A: Once a member has returned a signed Legal Hotline Authorization to MAR, they are able to access the Hotline as frequently as needed. The Hotline may be accessed by calling 1-800-370-LEGAL, Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM, or by emailing

A: If an attorney is available at the time of your call, you may be immediately connected. If an attorney is not available to immediately answer your question, you should expect to receive an answer within 24-hours of your inquiry.

A: Any questions asked through the Hotline DO NOT RESULT IN AN ATTORNEY-CLIENT RELATIONSHIP. Any information conveyed to the member may be subject to discovery by another person under certain circumstances if a lawsuit is filed.

A: No. MAR policy prohibits the attorneys on staff from accepting employment with respect to any matter from or relating to a Hotline inquiry.

A: The Hotline is not intended to provide legal advice with respect to any particular factual situation, or an actual dispute between members of MAR.

A: MAR maintains an internal database of all Hotline inquiries to identify and track trending issues affecting members. MAR uses this information to compile a monthly Notes from the Legal Hotline newsletter, which is published in our MAR Blog. This information is also used to assist with other educational resources and legislative efforts.