What is the Remine Difference?

Remine Docs+ is a collaborative, cloud-based transaction management tool featuring customizable, end-to-end document creation, clause kits, e-signature, multi-party collaboration, document history tracking, and broker checklists.

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Your Questions, Answered

When the National Association of REALTORS® announced that it would be discontinuing zipForm® Plus as a free member benefit, MAR assembled a task force to analyze the options available to allow us to continue offering MassForms™ and transaction management as a free member benefit. The task force carefully reviewed the features and costs of several platforms and ultimately decided that Remine Docs+ was the best fit for MAR’s membership. Remine Docs+ offers the full MassForms™ library, as well as the transaction management features MAR members need to successfully operate their businesses: clause kits, smart forms, multi-party collaboration, document history, electronic signature, document packages, checklists, full broker oversight, and much more!

Lone Wolf is still a transaction management platform available for use, however, the offering of this platform as a member benefit will end on December 31, 2021.

Access to Remine Docs+ will be included as a member benefit at no additional cost for MAR members.

MAR members will access Remine Docs+ through their MLS login.

Members that belong to more than one MLS will be able to access Remine Docs+ through each individual MLS. Step-by-Step instructions to log in through MLS PIN can be viewed here. Members of the Cape Cod & Islands MLS and the Berkshire MLS can access Remine Docs+ by signing into the MLS and finding the Remine Docs+ icon. Members will have unique logins for each MLS, so transactions will not be available outside of the account it was created in (i.e. a transaction created in Berkshire MLS will not be available if that same member logs into Remine Docs+ through MLS PIN).

Yes, users may download transaction data from zipForm® Plus and upload it into Remine Docs+. Information on uploading transactions to Remine Docs+ can be found here. To learn how to export transactions, watch this video here or view the step-by-step guide here.

Yes, the entire MassForms™ library will be available through Remine Docs+.

MAR only has the ability to license MassForms™. Questions about the availability of other forms should be directed to the relevant association.

Yes! Docs+ has a fully integrated electronic signature feature that eliminates the need for a third-party electronic signature application.

The Remine Docs+ platform includes a suite of broker oversight tools, including, but not limited to brokerage forms, transaction review and approval, checklists, announcements, and clauses.

Yes, the forms library can be accessed through the menu options on the side panel once you are logged into Docs+. Form here, users may download the form as a PDF, or add it to an existing transaction. The smart form features are only available if the form has been added to a transaction.

Everyone using Remine must have their own MLS login to have their own Remine account. If they are not a member of the MLS, they would not have access. Brokers will have access to all agent accounts within their office. If an admin is given admin permissions, they will also be able to access all agent accounts in the office. A NRDS number is required to obtain access to MassForms™.

Yes, users may upload their own forms to be used as a PDF with the markup tools.

Key Features

Fully customizable, “templated” collections of prefilled forms that make offer generation quick and easy.

Collections of clauses curated by agents, brokers, their associations or MLSs that can be added directly to contracts in a few clicks.

Transaction documents are “linked” to save time on repetitive field entries. Save additional time with automatically integrated signature and initial fields for all parties. Warnings and alerts highlight potential errors prior to sending and signing, preventing needless mistakes and potential amendments.

All parties involved can make in-line changes in one cloud-based, collaborative document.

Automated email notifications give agents peace of mind and keep them engaged in the transaction’s progress. Smart Form highlighting makes reviewing the changes made by cooperating agents quick and easy.

Docs+ offers an easy-to-access in-app edit/change summary and a downloadable audit report where every signature, initial, and edit is meticulously logged and tracked from start to finish.

Brokers and admins can easily distribute fully customizable checklists, clauses, and documents.

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