How to Write a Shareable Blog Post

January 9, 2020

- By Sabrina Lapointe

2020 is here and you’re probably feeling charged up and ready to tackle the new year ahead. Maybe you took the time to create new year resolutions. If you did, and one of your goals is to increase your social media presence, you’ve come to the right place!

You all know blogging is important. It plays a significant role in encouraging clients to communicate with your business, it drives traffic to your site and helps you develop your overall online presence.

While simply posting to social media is a great start, taking it a step further, and producing shareable blog posts will give you even more visibility.

What Exactly is a Shareable Blog Post?

Consider what you like to share on your own personal feed. Perhaps it’s a funny dog video, a picture of a beautiful landscape in your area, or maybe you’re sharing something for the purpose of entering to win a contest. (We’ve all seen those posts asking you to comment, follow, share, tag three friends, etc.)

What would your audience be interested in sharing? Try to rack your brain for the most picturesque landscapes in your area, then post pictures of it showing off the beauty of your region. Another concept people tend to love is ranks. Create a rank list of the top real estate properties in your area or your clients’ favorite restaurants, there are many possibilities. This is sure to be clicked on, people can’t resist seeing what comes in at #1.

Use Good Images

There’s a lot of competition on a news feed. An important component of producing shareable content is making sure you use eye-catching images. Social feeds are cluttered with tons of text, images, and video. It’s going to take a lot to make sure your audience stops scrolling and takes a minute to read your post.

Again, ask yourself: “what kind of images make me stop scrolling?” The images are likely bright, interestingly framed, or maybe they’re not even visually appealing but the image is so strange you can’t help but stop and figure out what it is.

Use Numbers in Your Title

Readers want to consume your article as quickly and efficiently as possible. If anyone knows the busy lifestyle, it’s you – REALTORS®. There’s nothing more daunting than looking at a giant block of text. If you format your blog post into a list format, your message is much more likely to be consumed. Consider this when coming up with your title. An example title could be “Top 10 reasons to move to the North Shore” with the article displayed with large followed by each reason along with a photo in each number on the list.

Make Your Content Useful

It is important to know your audience and what types of questions or concerns they may have. Think about what they might be trying to solve, then apply the answer to that question or concern in your post. Give step-by-step directions on what to do for the desired goal. Don’t forget to end the blog post with some type of call-to-action encouraging the reader to share the content to help others who may be struggling with the same question.