July/August President’s Message

July 20, 2020

- By Kurt Thompson

It’s safe to say none of us could have predicted what 2020 would bring. We all know the COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it challenges never seen before. It’s important to also note the good that has come out of these circumstances. These challenging times have revealed the true resiliency and character of YOU – our members.

MAR has been advocating and will continue to advocate on behalf of our REALTOR® members and their needs during this time. Throughout this pandemic, several forms have been added to our library to help you navigate through and address transactional issues directly related to COVID-19. These forms can be accessed on www.MARCOVID19.com

Additionally, the MAR legal team developed three addendums for your use during these changing times. We understand things are always changing, and that is why we are working hard to keep you up-to-date and informed with best practices and guidance.

What I have seen during this unprecedented time is that our Massachusetts REALTORS® are built to overcome adversity. I strongly believe that all REALTORS® share a common trait: resiliency. Being a REALTOR® means you possess a ‘can-do’ attitude, and always find a way to continue to serve your clients and your communities. I encourage you all to remind yourself of the incredible traits you possess individually, and how they have and will continue, to help you get through these times.

Here are some of the traits you possess as a REALTOR®, and how you can apply them to overcome challenging times.

1. Your ability to be innovative.

These challenging times have certainly forced us to look at new ways to conduct our business. It’s safe to say we’re probably all masters at Zoom calls, video conferencing, and online documents. One thing is certain: we have all adapted to new ways of working. Some of what we have learned, we are likely to continue using well after we return to normal.

2.  You have a problem-solver mindset.

A huge part of what you do every single day is to solve problems for your clients. You are constantly working with clients to help them reach solutions to their unique issues. Problem-solving skills are critical right now. We are all operating in ways we have never done before. Running into problems is inevitable. I am confident each one of you is equipped with the right problem-solving mindset to help you solve any task at hand. Remember, problem-solving is part of your DNA!

3. You have excellent communication skills.

If there was ever a time to have excellent communication skills, that time is now! You have already developed strong communication skills working your business in person, and now you can apply those skills online. Your strong communication skills allow you to deliver information in a concise and effective manner and still connect at a personal level with your clients. There are so many questions floating around, the more you can help answer those questions and give clear guidance, the more you can assist people.

We have already accomplished so much during this time and have proven we can overcome even the toughest of circumstances. The creativity, drive, and will to succeed I have seen from so many of our REALTOR® members is certainly something to be proud of. You have all shown your ability to adapt to new challenges. It is my hope that we can all say that we learned something valuable during this unique time in our lives.  That we can say that we as REALTORS® did not just survive, but thrived!