From The President: Will I See You There?

September 4, 2019

- By Anne Meczywor

It’s no secret that REALTORS® are well-trained, up-to-date experts. And that doesn’t happen by accident, or by the continuing education requirement. This happens because we strive to learn more, be more, and do more. We aim for excellence and to be the absolute best in the business. It works well that our Association’s primary goal is to help you be the best professionals you can be.

This issue is filled with information about our upcoming MAR Conference and Trade Show. You may have overlooked this topic before, but I’m asking you to take a second look. You might not have known all that the conference and trade show has to offer to you and the effect it can have on your business.

Ok, I need to confess why I know about the type of impact this conference and trade show can have on your career. In my first years as a REALTOR®, I didn’t go to the conference. I didn’t think it was a “big deal” or worth taking time away from showing properties and meeting with prospective clients. It truly was a case of not knowing what I was missing.  I wasn’t involved with MAR at the time so there was also a part of me that didn’t believe I was “welcome”. When I finally did attend my first MAR conference, I was blown away and kicked myself for not attending sooner. In fact, I haven’t missed a single one since.

The first time I went, I felt welcome from the moment I stepped through the door and approached the registration desk. The staff members were smiling, professional, and they gave me a great overview of the days’ events. There were several options for speakers and program tracks. Almost every room I entered was filled, and the speakers were top-notch. My note-taking was fast and furious and I vowed to put all these great new ideas to practice.  Of course, I couldn’t put them all to use, but I did internalize them and left with an attitude that there was a LOT out there that I needed to learn.  And the things I did put into practice benefited my business almost immediately and continue to do so. Whether you are an experienced broker or a new agent just starting out, you will find that you will get a great return on your investment in both time and money.

With all that being said, I would like to personally invite you to register and attend. You’ll get to strengthen your skills, talk with vendors about new products that make you better at your job, meet fellow professionals, network across the Commonwealth, (referrals happen when you meet other REALTORS® outside your backyard!) be informed about industry trends and things that will impact your business, and, most of all, get energized and excited about what you do.

Remember, we help people with the single biggest financial investment most will ever make. It’s a big responsibility that takes great skill, care, and constant learning. With the conference and trade show, MAR gives you a very impactful resource to be a better professional. I really hope to see you there.