Forms Updates June 2023

June 30, 2023

- By The MAR Legal Team

Below are some important updates to the MassForms™ library. Be sure to confirm you are using the latest versions.*  

Notice Regarding Certain Matters (#305) 

The content of this form remains the same; however, the order of the items included was updated so that Fair Housing appears at the top of the list. This underscores the REALTOR® commitment to Fair Housing. 

Condominium Addendum (#528) 

MAR has added a new form to the MassForms™ library that addresses the production and review of condominium documents in a purchase transaction. Similar to the inspection contingency, this new addendum provides a buyer with a timeframe to review selected condominium documents and to terminate the contract without penalty if timely notice is provided that the documents are unsatisfactory to the buyer.  

New Naming Convention 

The next time you log into your forms platform, you may notice that the order of the forms appears different. The names of many of the forms were updated to allow for grouping of similar forms (i.e. Addendum, Notice, Purchase & Sale Agreement Rental, etc.). We hope that this will make it easier for users to locate the forms they need. Please note: the names of the actual forms remain unchanged.  


We welcome member feedback on the forms we provide. If you have questions or concerns regarding any of MAR’s forms or these new changes, do not hesitate to contact Catherine Taylor, 

*Due to the variability in processing times of each forms provider, these updates may be available at different times on the varying platforms.