2021 Week of Advocacy

Virtual Keynote: June 7th, 2021

MAR’s Week of Advocacy took the place of the 2021 REALTOR® Day on Beacon Hill as MAR and the legislature adapted to social distancing measures brought on by COVID-19. View the virtual keynote session to see how REALTORS® from across Massachusetts virtually advocated for homeownership and private property rights.

2021 Virtual Keynote Session

Congratulations to Paul Yorkis for receiving the 2021 Private Property Rights Award!

Keynote Speaker

Representative Aaron Michlewitz, Democrat – 3rd Suffolk

Aaron Michlewitz was born and raised in the North End of Boston. He has lived and worked in the neighborhoods he represents his whole life and currently resides in the North End with his wife, Maria.

A graduate of Northeastern University, Aaron has dedicated himself to helping others. He has become a popular mentor to many of his neighborhood’s youth for whom he has been a fixture throughout organized sports programs. He coached youth baseball for nearly a decade with his lifelong friends who he used to play alongside with when he was a participant in these programs.

First elected to the Massachusetts House of Representatives in 2009, Aaron Michlewitz represents the Third Suffolk District, which comprises the Boston neighborhoods of the North End, Waterfront, Chinatown, South End, Downtown, Leather District, Bay Village, and portions of the West End, Beacon Hill, and the Back Bay.

Throughout his tenure, Michlewitz has made the 3rd Suffolk District his priority, focusing on legislation in his district, including several key pieces of legislation such as bilingual ballots for the residents of Chinatown, enacting stricter fines for trash violators in the City, and adding a South End seat to the MassPort Community Action Committee.

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In 2015, Michlewitz was named Chairman of the Joint Committee on Financial Services, which is responsible for all matters concerning banks, credit unions, insurance companies, including motor vehicle and homeowners insurance, and other related issues. Under his leadership, the Committee was instrumental in passing such women’s health acts as the ACCESS bill for guaranteed contraception care, the PATCH act, and gender equity in disability insurance.

During the last several Legislative sessions Michlewitz has been a leader in the House in crafting comprehensive legislation dealing with new emerging technologies such as Transportation Network Companies like Uber and Lyft and short-term rental platforms like Airbnb and Expedia.

As our economy continues to grow, Aaron and his colleagues have focused on ensuring that funding job training and placement programs have been a continued commitment from the state. Despite contentious budget debates, Aaron was able to lead a group of Legislators in successfully advocating for state funding for a few of the largest employment services programs in Downtown Boston, including facilities at the Pine Street Inn and St. Francis House.

An active member of the community, Aaron is part of a new generation of Bostonians who remain dedicated to preserving one of Boston’s oldest and long-standing cultural traditions. As a member of the St. Anthony’s Society, an organization devoted to worthwhile fundraising for many causes in Boston’s North End community, Aaron is also a member of The Boston Groundwater Trust and is someone who served his community as President of the North End Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC). In addition to the issues that affect the Third Suffolk District as a whole, Aaron holds valuable and unique insight into the issues affecting his constituents at their doorsteps every day.

Michlewitz has also served as Chair of the Joint Committee on Public Service, Election Laws, and as Chair of the Boston Legislative Delegation.

In February 2019, Michlewitz was named the Chair of the House Ways and Means Committee where he will continue to focus on issues the Third Suffolk District faces while also working to form the Commonwealth’s budget for FY20 and FY21.

Advocacy Resources

MAR offers members a platform to voice concerns about legislation and issues impacting homeownership and private property rights directly to legislators. Click below to learn about the issues MAR supports and opposes.

REALTORS® support fair housing and diversity education. Download the PDF to learn more.

REALTORS® support first time homebuyer savings accounts. Download the PDF to learn more.

REALTORS® support housing production. Download the PDF to learn more.

REALTORS® oppose rent control. Download the PDF to learn more.

REALTORS® oppose transfer taxes. Download the PDF to learn more.

 Please review the REALTOR® priorities for this year so you’re able to discuss them with your legislators, clients, neighbors, and friends.