Thank You for Fighting the Sales Tax on Homes

February 5, 2020

- By The MAR Legal Team

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Call for Action (CFA) opposing transfer taxes in Massachusetts. The CFA was active from January 5 to January 29 and 3,504 members (14.03%) participated by contacting their legislators. Click here for a breakdown by local association. While this is a strong start, we always strive to maximize participation and hope to reach closer to 20-25% (roughly 6,000 members) on the next CFA. Remarkably, thanks to so many of you sharing the message with your personal networks, over 700 members of the general public also supported our message.

In addition, on January 14, MAR distributed letters to the entire Legislature opposing transfer taxes and our State Political Coordinators provided targeted feedback to their Legislators. In response to this advocacy, the sponsor of H.1769 sent his own letter to all Legislators erroneously stating several facts related to our position, which we refuted.

Our work on transfer taxes didn’t end there.  On January 28, MAR submitted testimony to the Joint Committee on Revenue opposing H.4208, proposing a transfer tax for Truro, MA. We will continue outreach to Legislators to explain why transfer taxes are a harmful policy. Read our one-pager on this issue.