Convention Safety: 5 Things You Must Add to Your Safety Checklist

September 6, 2022

- By Tracey Hawkins - NAR

This is an NAR contributing article. Real estate agents have several opportunities to attend conventions throughout the year. We often talk about safety while working, however, protecting yourself while attending conventions, while in hotels and touring new cities, is just as important. Please review the following tips and make them a part of your “Safety Plan” while attending your next convention. 1. Listen to your gut If you have a bad feeling about a hotel, the location, the staff, or anything, listen to your gut. If something doesn’t seem right once you are in the room, listen to your instinct. If the staff or other visitors cause you concern, pay attention to your sixth sense. If the room is not in a secure location, i.e. heavy foot traffic, loitering outside entry door, or in an isolated part of the facility,…

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