Why & How to Unplug from Social Media this Summer

July 9, 2021

- By Teah Hopper

I realize the irony of a social media consultant and coaching talking about unplugging from social media, but disconnecting is something that I’m very passionate about. (And if I can do it – you can and should to!) While I love social media, I’m a real advocate for using it wisely – to improve your life, not to run your life. Not everyone feels the need to disconnect, but I do think that everyone can benefit from logging off every once in a while – and the summer is the perfect time to plan a digital detox. (Admittedly, this is even harder to do as a business owner.) But it is always worth it! Here’s why and how I unplug from social media – and encourage you to do the same! Benefits of Unplugging Increased focus. My phone can be…

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