Useful Mobile Apps for REALTORS

by MAR Staff | Feb 25, 2013
Going mobile has never been easier and more important for REALTORS®. There are many available applications to choose from, but below are a few of the more popular ones to review.
360 Panorama
Use the 360 Panorama app on your phone to take and create panoramic view photos in real-time using the easy-to-use interface and simplistic controls. 360 Panorama makes taking and creating wide angle photos easy. Don’t have a phone that supports a wide angle shot? Grab this app on the market to make those hard-to-get wide angle shots easy.
If this is your first time hearing about or using Instagram, you might be pleasantly surprised by its powerful filtering tools. Use Instagram on your phone to capture a picture of a property and use a wide variety of built-in artistic filters to create interest. The picture editing filters that Instagram provides can make even the dingiest room look interesting.
MagicPlan measures rooms and draws floor plans automatically through the device’s camera. Export the floor plan to a PDF, JPG, or push the floor plans to the web for your clients to see. MagicPlan
boasts the ability to create floor plans, draw edits, and move furniture without measuring. The interface allows you to view and preview these editions to the floor plans in a virtualized 3d image. MagicPlan sets itself apart for creating and modifying floor plans on a mobile device.
Clear is possibly the most user-friendly to-do app you can find on the market. Use the gesture movements and track all your to-do lists from the screen. Take advantage of Clear’s iCloud sync to have your to-do lists synchronize between all of your iCloud devices. Share your favorite quotes using Facebook or Twitter, or use one of the many defaults pre-loaded for inspiration. Send tasks directly from other mobile device applications directly to Clear to keep everything in one place.
doubleTwist Alarm Clock
There should be nothing stopping you from getting this alarm clock application if your mobile device has the Google Play store. Start your day off right with doubleTwist Alarm Clock’s wide variety of settings, features, and sleek, easy-to-use interface. Some of the features of doubleTwist’s Alarm Clock include: four modes of sleep scheduling (including Time, Sleep Cycle, Quick Nap, and Sunrise), reoccurring alarms, customizable tones, snooze duration, desk clock, adjustable fade-in time, and
labeling of your separate alarms.
For those who find updating multiple social media outlets difficult to keep up with, Path was made for you. Use the Path app to share your content updates across all of your social channels with ease. This app is useful for making your status updates easy and Path focuses on being accessible and centralized for your convenience.
Use the Evernote app to manage documents, photos, tasks, and comments. Stay organized to improve productivity by sharing, saving, and syncing files and photos for free. Evernote has the capability to record voice and audio, and supports sharing with your peers using the Twitter or Facebook integration. Connect Evernote to your other applications or send notes from other mobile applications to help kick start your new productive mobile self.
Google Calendar
Google Calendar has set the industry standard for other calendar management applications. Google has a mobile version on the app store for you to download for free. Create, edit, and delete events, and have those entries synchronize with any other application using a Google account. Color code, categorize, assign tasks, and view/modify calendar events (even non-Google calendars). Quickly send email reminders, notifications, custom messages, and set customizable views for all of your events. This review is by no means an end-all-be-all list of mobile apps and we encourage you to  browse the many available apps and try different ones to find what best suits your needs. These few apps may be found on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Market.
Contributions to this article were made by Devin Sag, Tech Helpline Technical Analyst