Why Pay For Home Staging?

by Mary O’Grady - Staged to Sell by Mary | Apr 02, 2014
As a professional home stager, I have encountered a recurring situation over the past seven years. It seems that although a REALTOR® may understand the benefit of having a home professionally staged before putting it on the market, they do not always understand how the pricing structure of home staging works. Having a basic understanding of why staging costs what it does will help a REALTOR® present staging to their client.

When the homeowner is on board with the idea of staging their home, the faster the home is on its way to being sold. And, as any REALTOR® knows, a fast sale not only translates into less cost and more profit, but time saved as well.

What is the process and how does the pricing structure work?  

If the property is occupied there is an initial in-home consultation. The consulting fee is $250 for an average sized home and includes a two to three hour, room-by-room analysis, along with an examination of the curb appeal and an overview of the back yard. 

The homeowner is welcome to take notes, if asked I do email my notes outlining my recommendations on how to prepare the home before putting it on the market. The homeowner then decides if they want to do the work or if they want me to do it for them. Fees will depend on what needs to be accomplished and if they need any rental items.  Each job is different depending on what needs to be accomplished. Some homes need a lot of preparation work and I can recommend outside venders to help. Other homes only require cosmetic tweaking.   

After the initial in-home consultation there are three different investments for a home staging project:

  1. Staging ( actual work done)
  2. Furniture rental (generally 2-3 months up front)
  3. Furniture delivery and pick-up

When a client hires my Staging Co to stage their home, I first check of my personal inventory to see if it is suitable for the client's house. It is less expensive to use my inventory but my inventory is not suitable for every house. In that case, I may need to go to a rental company.  I price the rental items that are necessary but, even when using a rental company, I use my own accessories, art and bedding. 

Rental companies generally charge a minimum of 3 months rental up front. If they do a 2 month rental, the rental charge per item is higher. They charge an insurance waiver and tax, monthly. Example a bed can cost from $80-$125 a month, sofa’s can range from $75-$300 monthly.

Delivery and pick up can range from $250-$350 depending on the distance traveled.  The hours put into a Staging job vary but even the smallest job can take up to 6 hours from start to finish.