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This year’s MAR Conference & Tradeshow offers top speakers from around the country who have different, yet innovative, sessions planned. These sessions will provide essential business ideas and concepts that attendees can immediately put into action. Whether it’s learning about different advertisement scripts, how to create a landing page, or listening to what consumers really think about your business, plenty of new ideas will get members buzzing.
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Sellers in Massachusetts talk amongst each other every day, and REALTORS® are always trying to tap into the minds of consumers and typically want to do what makes them happy. Finding methods, ideas, and routines that work are what make a better business and provide consistent referrals and lasting relationships.

Created by nationally-recognized real estate experts, Sue Adler and Rob Hahn, the ‘Hear it Direct’ general session at the MAR Conference & Tradeshow offers brokers, REALTORS®, and other real estate industry professionals stunning insight into the minds of their clients. The ‘Hear it Direct’ team researches the area marketplace before the event and gathers real sellers who have worked with REALTORS® recently. They then sit on a panel and are asked a plethora of questions that deal with typical industry practices and what they experienced during these situations. The revealed answers are usually surprising to real estate professionals, who realize certain practices are simply not working and need to be changed.

The ‘Hear it Direct’ Consumer Panel is meant to help REALTORS® stop wondering what works, but find out the facts and put these responses and ideas to action. Through intimate panel discussions, REALTORS® can benefit from real perspectives that can lead to reinventing their businesses in the midst of the new Consumer-Driven Real Estate Model. Those who participate in this unique presentation walk away with ‘aha’ moments that may steer their business in the right direction, or an entirely new one.
These answers are unfiltered and REALTORS® can learn what has been a waste of time, or what is worthwhile, while the sellers feed off one another’s comments and give a well-rounded perspective on all the different topics. Because these sellers had first hand experiences with different aspects of the industry, their ideas will be fresh. Mostly, their ideas can be put into immediate action.

After the sellers answer all the questions, there is a mastermind discussion. The aftermath of the special seller’s panel is a chance for real estate professionals to put their heads together and discuss what they heard, and grasp the intense and truthful information they learned. Most of all, putting everything together will help turn these responses into actionable items and turn any negative outcomes toward a positive, inventive path.

Revamp and Reinvent Your Listing Presentation

Ideas do not always come easily, and revamping a business or general routine takes time and creativity. However, in order to keep your business fresh, innovative, and most importantly growing, changing up your routine and reinventing yourself is essential,
especially when it comes to lead generation.

Lead generation is something every REALTOR® needs help reinventing and there are a number of ways to turn ideas into profitable movement right away. According to Leigh Brown, one of the country’s top selling REALTORS® and speaker at the MAR Conference, your listing presentation should get the prospective seller excited to see you. In other words, it should stand out and not blend in with the several generic presentations a prospective seller may sit through when choosing their REALTOR®. Leigh offers a number of creative ways to spice up a listing presentation and revamp old habits.

Listing Presentation Reboot Leigh Brown

Leigh Brown will host Listing Presentation Reboot at the Conference. Leigh will give examples of the above fundamentals, like specific data sources, the language of the dialogue you can use, actual scripts for radio and other advertisement, as well as how to take advantage of facebook and where exactly to find these tools.

Rinse and Repeat New Habits

Having attended a Hear it Direct panel before, speaker Jimmy Mackin says REALTORS® should listen to the sellers with open ears and read between the lines. Hearing what the consumers and sellers on the panel want and think is an easy way to start changing aged habits.

There are numerous ways potential clients find out about REALTORS®. Whether it’s online or through personal outreach, there is always room to change the way your business looks before personal interaction with potential clients. Jimmy advises REALTORS® to learn and understand online marketing. Once they do, that knowledge can be applied towards future business. This all starts with the landing page: the general place consumers will find who and what they are looking for. There’s a lot to think about when creating this page, but Jimmy knows the steps to take to get you started.

According to Jimmy, every agent falls into a trap. That trap is when everyone becomes too busy and they start to ignore their landing page or the small details that actually make a business function. Eventually, when small slivers of time grow into larger lapses, it’s too late and the agent needs to start all over again. Jimmy is ready to mold new routines into agents’ heads, so they are rinsing and repeating these essential actions every day and  learning the other steps for creating a great landing page.

Lead Generation and Conversion Cheat Sheet

Jimmy Mackin will provide much more insight on creating an effective landing page and other real estate tools to use in his Conference session, Lead Generation and Conversion Cheat Sheet.

Find What Technology Works for You

Like sellers’ thoughts and ideas, technology in the real estate world is always changing. In order to be current and mold your business into one that is consumer-centric, paying close attention to these changes and new innovations is key. New technology is produced every year, whether its web-based, or fresh accessories for smart phones. When someone stays on top of the game, they
make their way to the top of the industry. Getting to know the latest technology doesn’t just mean expanding your knowledge, it means making certain processes a lot easier for the customer. It also means lending a hand to clients who look to you for answers and the help they need.

Its not just about the Apps Max Pigman

Learn more about new technology from Max Pigman’s session Its Not Just About the Apps.