Best Online Tools for Real Estate Managers

by MAR Staff | Oct 29, 2013
By: Sameer Bhatia
The number one essential online tool for every real estate managers is their email. This is where all your transaction goes through. It provides you with real time conversation with the people that matter, and even save and record all your conversations for future reference.

A good email provider is Gmail; it provides 15 GB of storage for every mail user. What"s different about Gmail is their conversation view of all the email messages, in this way you will not have to navigate to different places to be able to view the page or message that you like to view. Gmail has its own calendar which also has a task list, which can serve as an organizer as well.

Remember the Milk
Remember the Milk is a paid task manager application that can be synced with Gmail. Although the program is paid, the free version should work fairly well, since the only additional benefit the paid one has from the free one is the auto sync function, which is not a big deal when you just have to click the sync button in the free version to sync your tasks to Gmail.

Remember the Milk provide a simple interface, that can be navigated by just anybody. Here, you can input the task you would like to save, and then add the additional details like project, start date, deadline, priority, and it even has notes. The program has a built in reminder that will send you an email in Gmail whenever you have a deadline or task that you have to accomplish that day.

Portfolio Tracker
A real estate manager"s challenge is how to organize all the properties and details in the most effective way. The need to be able to change a detail every time an amount has change and at the same time know where to find the file is essential for every real estate manager. Portfolio Tracker provides everything a real estate manager needs to organize their properties.

With Portfolio Tracker, you will be able to track all your properties, track all your tenants, monitor your cash flow, track all you equity, provide your clients with an updated portfolio, set goals and track them, save work contacts, and save unlimited photos.

Survey Maker
Online survey maker is an essential tool for every real estate manager. This online program allows you to create your own survey, generate your own questions to suit your needs. If you need to know the pulse of the people regarding where they would want to live, in what environment and what kind of community, you can ask them through surveys. Surveys provide a graph comparison of all the answers that the people submitted. In this way, as a real estate manager, you will be able to determine the best place and community in which to invest on next. Mostly these surveys are free and provide the best results for your needs.

Knowledge Base
Another essential online tool for a real estate manager is to have knowledge base software available for your projects. Knowledge base software allows you to compile and record all the needed information of every project; it provides the client the option to view and search through all the projects. They can also key in their problems and queries which will in turn be answered by the real estate manager in a click.

Simple online knowledge based software has a user friendly interface that can be mastered by anyone. They offer the best way to organize all the projects and give the best client support available.