Get Educated in Marketing

by MAR Staff | Sep 03, 2013
By Heather Logrippo
Doesn’t it make sense for you to get more of an education in marketing? After all, isn’t a major part of the service you offer sellers: the marketing of their homes? Doesn’t marketing yourself factor in to whether or not people do business with you? Being educated in all facets of marketing can surely be helpful.
Here are some marketing terms and tips that might get your creative juices flowing the next time you are tasked with marketing either yourself or your listings.
Target It’s important that you know who your targets are. With regard to listings, keep in mind where you think the buyer might come from. While it’s never easy to tell, there are some general audiences you need to keep in mind depending on the type of home it is. For instance, if you have a nice starter home, you may want to target newly engaged couples within a 10-20 mile radius. If it is a luxury home, you might want to target a more affluent demographic, or people already in starter homes in the town the listing is located; you don’t want to forget to consider those who might want to move-up in their existing town.
When you think about marketing yourself, the target should be easy. You should be heavily marketing to people in the towns you serve. It’s no more complicated than that.
Medium What kind of medium online, print, radio) should you use to market? Everyone knows that internet marketing is the way to go, but it’s also the most competitive space. Have you truly used all of the tools available on mediums like social media to market both yourself and your listings? How about direct mail? If the target is correct, this can be a very effective way to reach your audience. How about magazines? Did you know that magazines are the #1 driver of online traffic? If the magazine targets the right audience then it absolutely makes sense to be there.
Using the right medium is crucial for your marketing success.
Message You may have identified your targets and reached them by using the most cost efficient medium, but you can completely lose your impact if your message isn’t spot on. Your message should always speak to your targets directly. Don’t be too general, as specificity in message is crucial to success. Making sure your message gets people to take action is another important factor in effective marketing.
By using these three key points every time you start a marketing campaign, you should be able to create high impact, high results ad campaigns that give you a great return on investment.