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by MAR Staff | Dec 26, 2012
By Kimberly Allard-Moccia
I make it my business to connect in a personal way to as many REALTORS® as I possibly can through Facebook, LinkedIn, live meetings and events across the state. Your Association tries to do the same through its valuable services and programs it offers members.
I’m proud to say that the Association took a step further towards its goal to become better connected by conducting a full member-wide Research Project in late 2012. This project began in late summer, and over the course of a few months, a professional research firm contacted several hundred Massachusetts REALTORS® via telephone to find out how we can better serve you, the member.
Your Association has been working tirelessly to develop programs, services, and benefits so that you truly know you get what you pay for in member dues. Yet, we wanted to make sure that we were on the right path, that we knew who our members are and what they really need to help them succeed in their businesses.
And you told us a lot. Newer members are challenged to sustain their business in the current economy and want more sales and technology tools to improve productivity and profitability. You told us that you value the communication we provide you, but you want more specific information on top agent best practices and listing and selling strategies.
More training and education on social media was a prevalent request among members who were interviewed. We all dabble in social media, but how can we increase our business from it? And many of you also need assistance in getting buyers off the proverbial fence and into the marketplace. The information gained from the Research Project was invaluable to us. I welcome you to visit under Research and you can view the complete results of the Project.
As your Association’s volunteer leaders, we used the findings from the research to develop a new Strategic Plan that embraces practical ways our committees can tackle the charge you’ve communicated. And the 2013 Leadership Team, Board of Directors, Executive Committee, and all the other committee members welcome the opportunity to address the needs we heard from you. We will work for you to help your business grow, help motivate the buyer, and help make the industry stronger and the Association more empowered through listening and learning from each other.