from the editor Here There Everywhere Is Facebook

by MAR Staff | Dec 18, 2012
By Karen Dumond
On every ad you see, hear, and read there’s a Facebook address. Every event, issue, and business has a Facebook page. Is it a fad, or is it here to stay? Do we take it seriously and use it practically, or do we shrug it off?
I can’t seem to get away from this discussion in one way or another. The NAR Convention in Orlando was riddled with  technology classes, and the ones I attended regarding Marketing and Communications were all about Facebook and other social mediums. I’ve been interviewing candidates for a staff position at the Association, and it’s an entry-level position. Many interviewees were young and very involved in Facebook, but used it for both social interaction and marketing themselves. It was funny to hear one of them comment that, “those of an older generation believe that Facebook is just a fad, but they’re wrong.”
This year’s president of MAR, Kimberly Allard-Moccia, doesn’t think it’s a fad, and she had great fun working the Facebook connection theme throughout her installation. You’ll see hints of it in her story and the Executive Committee profiles on page 14. However, Kimberly believes and knows that Facebook is more than just fun. She will utilize the social media in the coming year to communicate with the membership, and to help them become more connected and involved in the Association. And she knows it will work because she uses Facebook and other social mediums everyday in her business.
The feature on page 12 shares how a few REALTOR® have used Facebook and other key technologies successfully. Those who are using the various technologies to their fullest potential are seeing increases in referrals and new business. They all agree that tech tools are an investment of time and often money, but they are worth it and  necessary in today’s business environment.
A major shift in the way we use Facebook has been from a fear of getting too personal, to engaging in true two-way communication through it. It should not be used as a message board, but as a way to converse with people, and experts in the fields of communication and sales believe if we expose ourselves to our “friends” we will capitalize on what Facebook has to offer. Wow!
Many of us who are not part of the younger generation struggle with that concept, but the point is well taken. To have Facebook and other types of social communication work for us, we have to put ourselves out there and get in the game.