MassRPAC Meets NAR Challenge Realtor PAC Leads the Nation

by MAR Staff | Nov 13, 2012

The Massachusetts Association of REALTORS® has surpassed the NAR RPAC Challenge Goal for 2012, totals calculated as of August 31st showed. 104% of goal was met with a month left in the 2012 fundraising year.

Massachusetts is one of only 14 other states to surpass the national RPAC contribution goal, a new challenge issued to compete with other advocacy groups in light of the Supreme Court’s Citizen’s United ruling (a landmark case in which the government is prohibited from restricting independent political expenditures by corporations and unions). Because of this ruling, it was important to increase fundraising and political expenditures to promote homeownership.

For the last decade, the strategic goal of the RPAC Trustees has been to increase the amount of political expenditures made by RPAC in support of federal candidates in each two-year election cycle. During the last federal election cycle alone, RPAC contributed over $12 million to pro-REALTOR® candidates to Congress, making it the number one trade association political action committee in the nation.

The goal set by NAR RPAC Trustees is to spend $15 million in the 2011-2012 election cycle, hence the 2012 Fundraising Challenge Goal. The MassRPAC Trustees, led by Chairman Anne Meczywor of Lenox, is proud to have surpassed the goal and assisted NAR in reaching the necessary funds to promote private property rights.