Rise to the Top With the Perfect Elevator Speech

by MAR Staff | Oct 29, 2012
By Bob Corcoran, President of Corcoran Consulting CorcoranCoaching.com

You could think of all real estate agents as being on an elevator in their careers. Some are stuck on the first floor (or even worse, in the basement) while some zip right to the top.
What makes the difference?

All top producers excel at communicating, especially at communicating what they do. They make it quick (it should last no longer than the average elevator ride), interesting and pertinent. They also know that being face-to-face with prospects is a prime opportunity to make meaningful connections that could lead to business in the future.

Here are some tips you can start using today to polish your elevator speech and put you on the fast track to the top:

1. Realize what sets you apart.
As far as most consumers are concerned, you’re a commodity. “You’ve seen one agent, you’ve seen them all.” The elevator speech is your chance to show them you’re not the run-of-the-mill agent. Figure out what you do that other agents don’t that makes a real difference in the way you handle your real estate business. Make sure your speech couldn’t be used by any other agent.

2. Connect with your audience.
I guarantee you’ll see eyes glaze over faster than a falling elevator if you start using jargon and talking about all your designations. The average person doesn’t know a GRI or a CRS from a hole in the ground. So, first, know who it is they’re looking for and then know the key problems they face that you can solve. Then weave the solutions and benefits into your speech in a way that would make them almost foolish to ignore if they were in the market to buy or sell. Don’t think of the speech as a sales pitch, but rather a quick way to illustrate your uniqueness and problem-solving skills. Share what you do in a way that raises curiosity so you can create a referral, or even better, make an appointment.
3. Keep it fresh.
How are you keeping up on the latest trends that make you better than the
average agent? Are you offering the latest technology that can help sell homes faster? What continues to set you apart from your competition? People’s needs and expectations change, so be able to show you’re changing right along with them to offer the best services.

4. Always be ready.
As the saying goes, “Chance favors the prepared.” Are you prepared to share your speech at any time? Do you always carry your business cards? If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll remember a time (or even many times) when you were caught off guard and an opportunity slipped by that probably shouldn’t have.

5. Practice.
Then practice some more. Get in front of the mirror or a fellow agent and practice. Work to perfect your speech so that you’re always able to rise to
the occasion … and to rise in your own elevator!