Ask Us Obligation to Report Address Change Acquiring a License Number

by MAR Staff | Oct 29, 2012
By Joseph Autilio Executive Director, Massachusetts Board of Registration of Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons
Q. Why does the Board stress address reporting so much?
There are essentially three reasons for stressing the importance of agents reporting their current mailing address. First, the Board’s regulations require that agents keep it informed of their current mailing address (See: 254 CMR 3.00(1)). Agents then have a legal obligation to report to the Board their current mailing addresses.
Additionally, as a practical matter, the Real Estate Board cannot possibly know where a licensee happens to move to at any one moment. Your license is what makes it possible for you to practice your livelihood, and if you fail to keep the Board informed of your current address, it is very likely that you may not receive a license renewal application –unless you have mail forwarding – and consequently, your license will expire.
Additionally, you may be shut out of the Multiple Listing Service, creating another set of problems for your practice and resulting in a late fee assessment to renew the expired license.

The point here is that, aside from the law, it makes practical sense for you to renew your license in a timely manner. Licensees renew their license every two years by their birthdays, and license renewal applications go out roughly four weeks before your license is scheduled to expire in order to
give you plenty of time to renew the license. Keeping your address current with the Board makes sound practical sense.

Lastly, when agents fail to report their current mailing addresses, it makes it more difficult for the Board to process consumer complaints against licensees. Typically the Board’s investigators will need to expend more effort and time locating a licensee given that the address reported to the Board is no longer current. Be advised, the Board does address each
consumer complaint and has begun charging licensees with violating its current address reporting requirement.

The bottom line here is that while reporting current addresses may seem minor, the failure to do so really has some significant consequences both for licensees and the consumers in the Commonwealth. A word to the wise, keep the Board informed of your current address. It’s the law and it makes good sense.

Q. As a real estate agent, can I get my mother’s license number?
While the Board certainly understands the sentimental reasons for this request, it cannot change your license number to your parent’s number. Your license number is a way of specifically identifying you as a licensed real estate agent.
The Board of Registration of Real Estate Brokers & Salespersons office in
Boston can be reached at 617-727- 2373.