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The Business Benefit of Volunteering

by Paul Yorkis | Mar 01, 2017
I have often said to people when describing Realtors®, “Realtors® have big hearts and Realtors® really care about their community.” I proudly say this because when I look at the makeup of any number of community service and religious organizations, town committees, sports leagues, scout troops, and political campaigns, there are most always Realtors® involved.
During my career as a Realtor® I have been very fortunate in meeting wonderful people who volunteer with many of the same groups as I do. We share common interests and common values. For example, my volunteer work as an officer in the Harley Owners Group resulted in a couple of referrals and a couple of listings. My volunteer work for candidates also resulted in me obtaining commercial and residential referrals for leases and work as a buyer agent and as a listing agent on more than one occasion.

I know from experience that people don’t just want to choose a Realtor®; they want to choose a Realtor® who they know and trust. Our community volunteer work creates an opportunity for people to know us not just as Realtors®, but also as their friends and neighbors. I recently met Justine Maguire, a new Realtor® with the North Shore Realty Group in Salisbury. She shared with me that she was dealing with the normal up's and
down's we all have dealt with starting out in real estate. However, this all began to change when she took some advice from her broker, “When I finally met my broker and
mentor, Frank Bertolino, one of the best pieces of advice he gave me was to get out there and meet more people. Not just through networking, but by making longterm
friendships,” she said.

Justine took Frank’s advice and joined her first community group, the Historic Highlands Neighborhood Association in her hometown of Haverhill. She wanted to learn more about the history of her home and to meet more people in her new neighborhood.

“I was volunteering when I bumped into an old friend who I hadn't seen since I was a child. She had heard I became a Realtor®, and told me she needed to sell her home and she worked with me to do it,” she said. “Since I started volunteering, I've closed
on several homes, including three of my own listings in my first year. Volunteering has educated me and shown me how much history belongs to my Greater Haverhill.”

When I travel around the state, I meet so many fellow Realtors® that contribute so much of their talent and time, because they truly enjoy doing good. I think it is also important for us to recognize that there is direct link between Realtors’® volunteer efforts and our professional success just like Justine has demonstrated. I look forward to hearing how your volunteer efforts have improved your business too!