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Build Your Brand on Instagram

by Marci James - Social Media and Industry Outreach Manager, | Feb 28, 2017
Before we dive into the specific tips, let’s take a look at why this is such a great platform for networking and marketing your business.

  • Instagram has a very clean and easy-to-use architecture.
  • Instagram has over 400,000,000 active users.
  • Over 60% of those users log in daily.
  • Instagram’s engagement rate is 50 times higher than Twitter and 38 times higher than Facebook
Personally, I love how quick and easy Instagram is to use. When compared to Facebook, you can do some serious brand building on Instagram in only 10 minutes a day, because you won’t get sucked into long conversation threads, political rants, and real estate groups (I’m in at least two dozen of them!). Nor will you be inundated with game and event invites. I’m not saying those things are bad, but your time is limited
and those things can become distractions that take you away from building your brand and generating income.

Here are five tips for building your personal brand on Instagram. (Get five more tips by visiting the link below!)

1. Create an impressive profile

Choose a username that is identifiable to you and your brand. Use a simple profile picture that will look good when cropped down to a tiny little thumbnail circle (150 x 150 pixels). Write an interesting bio that leaves readers wanting to know more about you. And last, but not least, add a link to your website.

2. Use high-quality photographs 

This should go without saying. On Instagram it’s all about the image. You’re better off posting three amazing images a week than three mediocre images a day. Use a
healthy balance of personal and business images that are clear, well-lit and visually engaging.

3. Find the right people to follow

If you’re on Facebook, connect your Facebook account and you’ll be able to connect with any Facebook friends who are on Instagram. Next, find and follow people who live in your market. Search Instagram for posts that hashtag your local geographic neighborhoods, towns and cities (Search hashtags like #Boston #ScenesofNewEngland
#TheBayState etc). You can also do hashtag searches for local events, attractions, parks, condos etc.

4. Network daily

Scroll through your feed and engage. Like, comment, and share. Try to do it every day, even if it’s only for a few minutes. The more you give, the more you’ll receive.

5. Be creative

Post both photographs and short videos. Share business images: listings, open houses, inspections, and closings. Share community images: sunsets, parks, local
events, neighborhoods, small businesses, and new businesses. Share personal images: a vacation, your pet, an industry event you attend, the pie you baked, the car
you bought, the drink you made, the fish you caught. And on and on and on.

For an additional five tips, see the Online Exclusives. For great shareable content, follow @realtorpro on Instagram!