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What You Need to Know When You Refer an Insurance Agent to Your Clients

by Zack Gould, Partner G&N Insurance | Jan 04, 2016
Homeowners insurance. It’s a vital part of home protection that every homebuyer needs to consider. As a REALTOR®, you can help your clients on the pathway to the home protection they need by providing them with a referral to an insurer they can trust.

Here are some tips to consider when you provide an insurance referral to your clients:

Explain the importance of insurance to your client.

Particularly for a first-time homeowner, the importance of insurance may not be intuitive. Homeowners insurance protects the client (and therefore his or her lender) from loss, theft, and damage to a dwelling. It also provides protection for the client’s personal property contained within the home. Without adequate insurance coverage, your client could land in the predicament of not being able to repair or replace a home or belongings after a fire or natural disaster. Sufficient coverage is vital.

Educate yourself about the agent you are referring.

You’ll want to know about the insurance needs of your client and the types of coverage that the agent you are referring can provide. Your referral needs to be a good match. Ask yourself whether the agent you refer can handle the type and amount of coverage to adequately protect your client’s home and belongings. Does the agent work with different insurance providers? Which companies? Does the agent offer competitive rates without cutting corners? Have previous customers been happy with the level of service the agent has provided? Providing a referral for an insurance agent doesn’t simply involve relying on name recognition. It’s important to trust the agent – better yet if you have a history of previous clients who have been happy with your referral. 

Establish trust with the agent you refer.

When making a referral to a client, trust is the main component of the transaction, so it isn’t enough just to go by an agent’s reputation. Previous personal interaction is a good barometer of whether you can trust that an agent can meet all of your client’s needs. A good agent is efficient and an effective communicator, and both are characteristics that you can assess in your own interaction with the agent. Speed, competitive price, a wide range of products, and quality service are all traits of a reliable agent. 

Providing an insurance referral to your client can be one of the most helpful and important services you can offer when it comes to ensuring a happy future in a new home. A little research and a successful history of positive customer experiences can help you equip your client with suitable insurance coverage provided by a professional insurance agent.\ 

Zach Gould is a partner at G&N Insurance, located in Southborough, MA. Contact Zach at or via phone at 508.545-2042.