MAR Governance Structure Under Review

MAR’s Board of Directors approved a Strategic Plan that states:

“A taskforce will be appointed to conduct a governance review to examine the current policies and governance structure of MAR and recommending changes that are likely to provide superior member services with less expenditure of volunteer and staff time.  The task force will look at internal decision making procedures at MAR with the intent of simplifying decision making and appropriately empowering staff.  It is likely that the process will involve significant member outreach.”

Providing superior member services with less expenditure of volunteer and staff time is our primary goal. Efficiently delivering superior services is so important to MAR’s mission that we are considering dramatic and sweeping change, consistent with modern governance best practices, to ensure its success. Critical to our goal is keeping successful REALTORS®, typically with little time to spare, engaged in the important work of identifying ways to help all members remain successful. This requires ensuring that volunteer service is interesting and rewarding. For 90 years, MAR governance has expanded and become so cumbersome that affecting positive change, in this world of instant everything, takes months or even years to accomplish. Good opportunities are delayed or missed entirely.  Effective change is essential for MAR’s continued success.  This web site is designed to keep all of our members fully informed of Task Force progress toward that goal with no last minute surprises.  Our target for asking approval of our recommended changes is at a Special Board meeting in March 2015.  Implementation would then begin on January 1, 2016.  Please visit often and stay informed.

Peter Casey, Co-Chair
Susan Renfrew, Co-Chair
Robert Authier, Chief Executive Officer

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