Graduate Realtor® Institute 2018

The GRI is a two-day, six course program that focuses on ALL aspects of real estate:
technology, investments, negotiations, closings, and much more. 

*Please note: these courses can be taken in any order. They are presented in order by date.

GRI 302: Expanding Your Base
Part1:March 14
Part 2:April 5
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GRI 301: Technology
Part 1: April 18
Part 2: April 26
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GRI 101: Skills for Success
Part 1: May 24
Part 2: June 6
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GRI 102: Managing Risks and Avoiding Lawsuits
Part 1:September 5
Part 2: September 6
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GRI 201: Tools of the Trade
Part 1:October 4
Part 2: October 9
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GRI 202: Building a Foundation
Part 1: November 8
Part 2: November 27
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GRI 101

Skills for Success

Learn to
  • Build a real estate business
  • Acquire and service a listing
  • Market with technology

GRI 102

Managing Risk and Avoiding Lawsuits

Learn to
  • Attend to environmental issues
  • Avoid liability
  • Keep accurate records
  • Properly disclose information
  • Reduce your risk

GRI 201

Tools of the Trade

Learn to:
  • Negotiate
  • Handle rentals
  • Invest in real estate
  • Apply the Code of Ethics
  • Finance the sale

GRI 202

Building a Foundation

Learn to
  • Distinguish different architecture
  • Understand the appraisal process
  • Differentiate types of condos/co-ops/timeshares
  • Understand zoning and building codes
  • Familiarize your clients with smart growth and green awareness

GRI 301


Learn to:
  • Use tech tools to sell real estate
  • Produce video
  • Market real estate online

GRI 302

Expanding your Base

Learn to
  • Understand the nuances of industrial, commercial, and international real estate
  • Handle foreclosures/short sales
  • Expedite closings and settlements

What do graduates say about the GRI experience?

Y.S. Kim

Realtor®, Framingham

"Earning the GRI has given me the know-how needed to succeed in this fast-changing real estate market and has equipped me to serve my seller/buyer clients at the highest level of excellence."

David Boyle

Realtor®, Groton

“During the classes, we had real-life discussions about certain topics and out in the field, I have encountered some of those same scenarios. Now, with the knowledge and confidence learned at GRI, I am able to tackle these issues correctly and appropriately. I would recommend taking the GRI courses to anyone either just entering the industry or if you have been doing real estate for a long time.”

Bryan Szelza

Realtor®, Jamaica Plain

“Consumers are very savvy when they are buying or selling a home these days. I have a renewed confidence in my abilities as an industry professional and feel prepared to go out and compete and cooperate.”