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Why take GRI courses?

Taking GRI courses is a way to standout to prospective home buyers and sellers as a REALTOR® who has gained in-depth knowledge on the fundamentals of real estate. 

Instead of focusing on one aspect of real estate, the GRI program covers many in its series of courses for those who are looking to become more successful, professional, and knowledgeable about the industry. 

The GRI program focuses on:

-New technology
-Marketing yourself/business
-Specific sales techniques
-Environmental issues, and more.

GRI courses are also taught by real estate practitioners, who are seasoned instructors and experts in these fields. They give students personal experiences while demonstrating the true results of success.

How GRI can increase your value:

GRI courses are designed to provide agents with the permanent skills needed for longevity. The consumer could see an agent in a different light– they will feel comfortable hiring YOU versus an untrained licensee. After taking the GRI courses, new and long term REALTORS® will be confident in themselves, and have a heightened knowledge of the competitive and changing real estate industry.

Extra perks GRI offers:

- The GRI courses are designed to meet the lifestyle and budget of today’s REALTOR®.
- One GRI course can offer 2-10 Continuing Education credits.
- GRI courses provide valuable networking opportunities. During these live courses students meet fellow agents and develop strong referral business.  

REALTORS® nationwide attribute their success to the Graduate REALTOR® series:

“The GRI has shifted the way I operate as a Realtor.  Obtaining the GRI designation educates you on different avenues of business generation.  It also reinforces the liability and obligation we have to ourselves and clients.”- Jonathan Parker, Tewksbury, MA.

“I sought out the GRI designation in my first year of business. Each class provided the building blocks that laid out the educational foundation in my real estate career. It gave me the knowledge, skills, and confidence to provide my clients with the best service in an industry where the average consumer has no idea what we do and has such high skepticism of real estate professionals.”- Darlene Sodano, Townsend,MA

“Even though over the years I had wonderful education and training programs,the topics covered in the GRI courses provided not only foundational concepts needed for practicing real estate brokerage; but it also brought skills and information I felt were missing from my knowledge base. The GRI designation is the only designation I’ve earned, to date, that directly correlated to increased profits in my businesses,bottom line.” – Kevin Santos, Hudson, MA

For more information on the GRI designation program please use the resources available here, contact us online or call MAR Customer Service at 800-725-6272.