Local Chapters, National Strength

Real estate is a full-time job. And then some. So when you make an investment of time, you expect it to pay off. At WCR we understand. We focus on bringing our members concrete programs that yield tangible results.

That's possible thanks to WCR's unique structure, the foundation of which is our nationwide network of local and state chapters. It's the best of both worlds: the strength and continuity of a national profile, with the responsiveness and accessibility of chapters close to home.

It's this combination that makes WCR different. And it allows us to bring you more programs, more networking opportunities and more ways to build your business than any other REALTOR® organization.

Information & Resources

Staying on top means staying in touch. So WCR brings you a range of valuable, up-to-the-minute sources of information.

Connections As the official voice of WCR, Connections magazine is packed with timely, practical articles on topics like selling and marketing, financial planning and professional growth -- all written by experts in the field. It's also a great source of news about WCR. Connections is free to members and arrives eight times a year.
MOCA Want to send and receive referrals by e-mail? Network on-line with a community of supportive and committed professionals? Look up another member's e-mail or home page address? You'll have all this at your fingertips, because as a WCR member you'll have access to MOCA (Members Only Conferencing Area) where you can participate in discussion groups or drop in to the on-line Referral Center. It's a whole new reason to be a WCR member.
Reduced Cost
Products and
 Thanks to the size of our member base, WCR is able to save you money on a variety of important products and services. Like our cost-saving group plans for both major medical coverage and disability insurance. And we're always negotiating discounts and package savings on credit cards, airlines and travel services.

Networking and Referrals

At the heart of everything we do at WCR is a belief that by working together our members are more successful than they would be alone. So your WCR membership opens up a world of networking and referral opportunities, including local, state and regional meetings, workshops and special events.

Referral Network and the Referral Roster

Ask a WCR member what the most valuable benefit of their membership is and, chances are, most will say "referrals." In a recent survey, 60 percent of our members reported using the referral networking the last 24 months. What does that mean for you? It means that, on average, our members close 1.9 WCR referrals annually. The backbone of our referral network is WCR's annual member directory, the Referral Roster. It's your link to tens of thousands of real estate professionals nationwide who are ready and willing to put qualified referrals in your hands. Your listing in the Roster is free with your membership. And additional advertising opportunities are available to increase your visibility even further.

Professional and Personal Development

When you become a WCR member, you also become a member of your local WCR chapter. Meetings and events held by these chapters complement out national referral network by helping you develop business contacts, friends and mentors right in you area. Most chapters hold monthly meetings, organize committees and stage events -- all activities in which you can become involved to expand your network.

Likewise, WCR state and regional chapters also hold events designed to increase your business opportunities and develop your skills and talents. Finally, two national meetings are held around the country each year, during which members come together to conduct Council business, participate in education programs and make contacts and friends from all over the nation.