Interested in REALTOR® Membership?

Membership in the REALTOR® organization is a professional distinction that places you among the top 25 percent of all agents licensed to practice real estate in Massachusetts. Anyone with an active real estate license from an approved school may apply for membership, however only those accepted as members may use the registered trademark term REALTOR®, an industry mark which symbolizes one’s personal commitment to real estate as a career pursuit and sets you apart from the estimated 75,000 non-member real estate agents and brokers in the Commonwealth.

Why You Should Join the REALTOR® Organization

Media Relations - MAR works tirelessly on your behalf to remain the Voice for Real estate in Massachusetts™ providing monthly and quarterly real estate housing statistics and opinion editorial on housing related issues to local, state and national media outlets communicating to consumers that REALTORS® are the interpreters on current market conditions and private property. 
Public Awareness Relations - 
Your state association along with the National Association of REALTORS® annually promotes the value of using a REALTOR® through substantial print, radio and television advertising campaigns, additionally providing customizable print advertisements for use by members in local media.
Legislative Victories - The REALTOR® organization is an influential voice on Beacon Hill and Capitol Hill protecting the business interests of it members. But for the lobbying efforts by the largest trade organization in the country federal banks have been kept out of real estate and private property owners have been saved from transfer taxes and been able to keep their mortgage interest deduction.

Education - As a REALTOR® you have the opportunity to receive comprehensive training in specialty areas of practice through a number of professional designation programs conducted throughout the state on a yearly basis in addition to a yearly two-day conference and trade show.

Legal - Membership provides access to a free legal hotline for authorized REALTORS®, where a staff of attorneys can provide guidance and information regarding legal and ethical issues in addition to members having access to a host of written legal information and FAQs.
Ethics Enforcement - 
Members are provided the opportunity to complete ethics training in accordance with the Code of Ethics and take part in professional standards training through MAR. The organization also provides consumer services on behalf of the membership to police the REALTOR® trademark and enhance and elevate the profession within the industry.

Commission Disputes - 
MAR provides impartial panels to local association upon request to settle commission disputes and other arbitration hearings necessary amongst members. We also can host or participate in interstate arbitrations as deemed necessary.

Quality of Community Life - 
MAR works to put its REALTOR® members in a position to be a key resource for the protection and enhancement of the quality of life in Massachusetts through programs that promote activism, civic involvement in public policy issues that impact property rights, home ownership and the ability of members to conduct their business freely.

Community Outreach - 
REALTORS® are given many opportunities through membership to take an active role in supporting our communities through charitable endeavors that better the lives of property owners and efforts to nurture struggling real estate professionals. An excess of $200,000 has been contributed in the last 14 years to disaster relief nationwide, housing grants and educational scholarships.

Still Not Convinced?

For general questions about REALTOR® membership requirements please visit the How to Join the Association page or call MAR Customer Service at 800-725-6272.