Doing What You Do Best

by Karen Dumond | Jun 30, 2014
Although I’m not in the field that you have chosen, I am no stranger to the skill of sales. My father was a sales rep for office furniture and ran his own company for over 20 years. Two of my brothers joined him in business and although both chose not to run his business when he retired, they both stayed in the sales field.
My husband believes that the skills you must possess to work in sales are in the gene pool you maintain, because since the age of 12 my son has won every sports fundraiser, and has bought and sold too many “things” on Craiglist to count.

So, because I am no stranger to the skill, and although I see it can often be an inherent talent or in your gene pool, I also know that successful sales is a craft that has to be worked on and nurtured. With that and the hope that the strong selling season extends beyond the spring, I’ve tried to offer several informative articles on a variety of different sales and marketing topics that can help you hone your craft.

Our feature discusses the niche market of high-performance or “green” properties. This is a growing segment of your marketplaces and understanding the terms and how you can become more knowledgeable in this market will improve your expertise.

But regardless of the sales niche you may find yourself working in, the ‘Real Estate at Work’ section points out tools the Association offers to help you market yourself to prospective clients and customers. The oversampling of the National Buyer and Seller Research details demographics, purchasing habits, selection of real agents, and more of the buyers and sellers in Massachusetts. In addition, MAR has extensive market data reports on price, sales, and pending data statewide and town by town. Both of these resources can provide excellent information for listing presentations and help you earn the trusted respect as a professional to prospective buyers.

And to top off the options to help you succeed in your chosen field, read about the great changes made in the MAR Graduate REALTOR® Institute (GRI) program in ‘Member Voices’. This series of six courses contain curriculum that covers all aspects of real estate and can jump-start a career or polish a seasoned one. Work has been done to re-brand and re-energize the course series and in development to be released in 2015 will be new ways the course series will be offered. Taking any or all of these courses is a great step to improving your skill set.

Your career is a complex and commendable one, and being a part of a trade association like this offers you the best way to do what you do best. Happy selling!