• Activate Your Activism

    Apr 24, 2014
    I am not one to preach about political advocacy, especially to you. Don’t get me wrong, I vote and I definitely care about the rights of our citizens and the freedoms we enjoy in this country, but participate? I’m not the best at that, but I’m writing to tell you that I may be edging my way toward “activism.” And the reason why is YOU.
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  • Fishing on Facebook

    Mar 05, 2014
    You want to fish where the fish are, and Facebook is as close to a New England Clam Bake as you’re going to get in the marketing world. Your prospects are here and it’s inexpensive to get to them, so what are you waiting for?
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  • 5 Ways to Keep Bugs Out When Trying to Sell Your Home

    Apr 09, 2014
    A common problem you may face when trying to sell an empty home is keeping bugs at bay. When no one is living in the house, bugs can get in and are a pain to get rid of. Not to mention, seeing signs of bugs can be a deal-breaker for a potential buyer. Follow some simple steps to keeping bugs away from the home you're selling.
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  • Why Pay For Home Staging?

    Apr 02, 2014
    As a professional home stager, I have encountered a recurring situation over the past seven years. It seems that although a REALTOR® may understand the benefit of having a home professionally staged before putting it on the market, they do not always understand how the pricing structure of home staging works. Having a basic understanding of why staging costs what it does will help a REALTOR® present staging to their client.
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