How do I login to the new MAR Member Portal?

From the home page, click on the login button in the upper right-hand corner of the website and enter your username and password. Your username is no longer your NRDS number. Your username is now your EMAIL ADDRESS that you use in your REALTOR® membership. If you are logging in for the first time, click “forgot password” and you will be given instructions to reset your password. When you receive your password reset email, follow the steps provided to reset your password and login to your new member portal.

I did not receive an email to reset my password. What do I do?

1. If you did not receive an email to reset your password, please check your spam/junk/clutter folders.

2. If you didn’t receive an email and it is not in your spam or junk folders, please make sure you are using the email address associated with your NRDS Member Profile.

3. If you still have not received an email, please email

What browsers support the MAR website and Member Portal?

All browsers are supported.

What can I do in the Member Portal?

• The Member Portal is where MAR members can VIEW their information, including their Memberships and Badges, and access their Committees (under Groups), Orders, Receipts/Payments, and Payment Methods as well as register for Events.

• If you see information that is not accurate, please contact your local association to update your contact information.

How do I update my profile information in the Member Portal?

• If you need to update any of your profile information (such as brokerage, address, phone #, email, etc.) please contact your local association. They will need to update your NRDS record, which is then automatically updated in the MAR database within 24 hours.

• You can update your MAR member portal picture by clicking on the pencil at the top of your avatar on the upper left-hand side of the screen.

How can I view my committee information?

If you are a member of a Committee, Group, or Task Force; after logging in to the Member Portal, click on “Groups” in the left-hand column. This is where your group information is listed. From there, click on any committee or task force to access the group’s page. On the group’s page, you will be able to find all the information you need to participate in meetings and connect with your fellow committee members.

Where do I get forms and how do I create an account on REMINE?

You can create an account at  REMINE’s support number is 844.992.2944.

Learn More about Remine Docs+

Where are the CE courses located on

Click the title of the course you would like to take and then click “register.”

  1. Complete all components of the course (note: you will not be able to proceed to another component without first completing all prior components).
  2. Courses may be completed over time. You will resume where you left off the next time you log in.
  3. Upon completion, you may print/download your CE certificate directly from the course page or from your Dashboard page.


Learn More about the Online Learning Center

How many CE’s do I need and what classes are approved?

12 Hours of Continuing Education are required for renewal. The courses are 2 credits each and License Renewal can be done 90 days before expiration. The list of approved courses is below.

List of Approved Courses

Where do I get a Letter of Good Standing?

This is done through WWW.MASS.GOV portals.

View the Letter of Good Standing PDF

How do I renew my license through the Board of Registration?

The license renewal process now requires that you input the information for each of the required continuing education courses.

Once your Continuing Education is complete, you will also need your Record ID and Authorization Code to renew. This information can also be found on the renewal form mailed to your address on record.

During a renewal year, your license comes due for renewal on your birthday. Login to your ePLACE portal at and follow the instructions. A salesperson license is $103, and a broker license is $142.

How do I change my personal information and what is my local association?

If you need to update any of your profile information (such as brokerage, address, phone #, email, etc.) please contact your local association. They will need to update your NRDS record, which is then automatically updated in the MAR database within 24 hours.

If you do not know your local association, please call Sandy at 781.838.5508 or email

How do I obtain a secondary membership with MAR?

If you hold your primary association membership in a different state and want to join MAR as a secondary you fill out an application. Email over to

The cost for 2024 is $181 annually prorated.

Fill Out the Application

How do I file an ethical complaint?

If you believe that a REALTOR® or their brokerage failed to follow the Code of Ethics, you can file an Ethics Complaint with MAR or that REALTOR’S® local board. Any additional inquiries can be directed to Kate Berard, MAR’s Director of Professional Standards and Associate Counsel via email: or by phone: (781) 839-5505, or mailed to Massachusetts Association of REALTORS®, 124 Washington St, Suite 302 Foxborough, MA 02034.

Form #E-1. This form must be completed in its entirety specifically listing the parties and the Article or Articles of the Code of Ethics that were allegedly violated.

When will the links be sent out for GRI Classes?

Registered members will receive a link for GRI the day before the class starts!

How can I get help with other questions not listed here?

If you are experiencing problems accessing the information on the MAR website or Member Portal, please contact