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Show Highlights:

This Year's Grand Prize Giveaway is GoPro HERO4!

Welcome Reception

Sunday, September 27, 4:30 – 6:00 pm
Members will be welcomed to the event by the 2015 Conference Committee and 2015 Leadership Team. Come enjoy networking and complimentary hors d’oeuvres.

Professional Awards and Recognition Dinner
Sunday, September 27, 6:00-9:00 pm
Each year, this fun-filled dinner takes place highlighting numerous REALTORS® for their service and accomplishments. It will take place immediately following the Welcome Reception.

Food Drive
September 28, 8:30am – 5:30pm and Tuesday, September 29, 8:30am -1:00pm.
MAR will hold a Food Drive on Monday. Click here to see 10 Top Items to Donate

Blood Drive

Massachusetts Association of REALTORS® Blood Drive will take place on Tuesday, September 29th, 2015 10:00a.m.–3:00p.m. Click here to see the flyer.

Tradeshow Grand Welcome
Monday, September 28 10:45am
Listen to opening remarks from MAR President Corrine Fitzgerald as well as the Conference Committee Chair Joan Witter. Other entertainment will include: music, giveaways and more!

Charitable Foundation Auction/Raffle
Monday, September 28, 10:30am-5:15pm
The MAR Charitable Foundation will host a Silent Auction and a “Wine Cellar” and “Beer Garden” Raffle on the Tradeshow floor. All the proceeds go to fund the Foundation’s housing and homeless grants, disaster relief grants, and other charitable donations.

Tradeshow Networking Reception
Monday, September 28, 4:30-6:00pm
This reception on the Tradeshow floor will be a super meet and mingle event with attendees, while enjoying complimentary hors d’oeuvres and entertainment.

REALTORS® After Dark
Monday, September 28, 8:00pm – 12:00am
As day one winds down, we’ll provide another reason for members to gather, network, and have fun with a complimentary dessert buffet, DJ, and cash bar.

General Session
Tuesday, September 29, 10:30am-12:30pm

This year’s general session will feature an economic update from Eliot Eisenberg, Ph.D as well as remarks from MAR’s 2015 President Corinne Fitzgerald.

Day One:

Sixty Minute Financial Makeover

Robert Pagliarini

Are you paying too much in tax? Is inconsistent cash flow from your practice making it difficult to save and have a long-term financial strategy? Find out practical ideas on how to help cut your tax bill, create a low-cost investment portfolio, and implement unique strategies to help you create more wealth and a better life.

The Secret Language of Internet Leads

Andrew Dorn

Internet leads have their own lingo. It’s important to pick up on these clues and cues to know how to respond properly and communicate more effectively.  This session will review exclusive case studies from agents who have learned how to unlock the secret to successfully service internet leads.

The Importance of Nonverbal Communication: How to Tell if Someone is Lying

Jan Hargrave

This session will cover the secret language of success. Not only will you learn how to tell if someone is lying, but you will also learn how to appear more confident and be able to turn that interview into a job by recognizing body language signals. Now is the opportunity to obtain the skills required to be a successful negotiator and read clients’ nonverbal gestures.

Open Season on Open Houses

Andrew Dorn

Andrew Dorn’s team surveyed thousands of real estate professionals and collaborated with his cutting-edge engineering team on apps and tools for converting more from open houses. You can benefit from this intense session by receiving the tools and dialogue to get bigger rewards from open house efforts.

Teams Panel

Suzanne Koller, Joshua Lioce, Tom Matthews, Joanne Taranto, Melissa Pica and  Lillian Montalto
John Ranco

Learn how these diverse Massachusetts teams have achieved success through defining team roles, size, and more. Also find out the top reason from these professionals why REALTORS® should start a team.

Creating Content that Matters:A Modern Roadmap for Building Trust with Customers and Prospects

Seth Price

Delivering the right content to the right prospect at the right time is essential to achieving success in marketing, but it isn’t going to happen by accident. Get real life insight into the journey of the modern buyer and seller in this session. Attendees will learn new knowledge, resources, worksheets and reference guides to create their first content marketing asset.

Negotiating Successfully Through Understanding and Recognizing Personality Differences

Jan Hargrave

Identify strategies to understand and work better with others in this session and get to know the basis for successful negotiating. You will also learn to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of different personality types as well as acknowledging their individual role as a team player.

Evolution of a Successful Agent Panel

Panelists: Jeffrey Borstell, Kathryn Early, Eric Rollo, Anthony Lamacchia, Paula Savard and Judy Moore
Moderator: Corinne Fitzgerald

This panel will feature REALTORS® who have stayed in the business for varying periods of time. You can learn from agents that have been in the business for a few years or agents who have been in the business for over ten years and what has helped them become successful.  

Video For Real Estate Agents

Deb Agliano

YouTube is the second largest search engine. Learn different ways to creatively use video to attract more buyers and sellers. You will leave the class having created your first video using your iPhone or iPad.

Solid Investment and Retirement Strategies for REALTORS® in 2015

Solid Investment and Retirement Strategies for REALTORS® in 2015

Chris Bird

Learn the secrets to maximizing pre-tax investments, strategic tax planning, recent tax law updates and how they affect you. This session will cover smart investment and retirement strategies and how to harness the financial benefits of the ROTH, IRA and 40l(k).

Day two:

The Yelp Effect : Pleasing The Empowered Customer

Terry Watson

You no longer have customers. You now have bloggers, online reviewers, and potential social media vigilantes. One bad experience can encourage an online review that will repel potential business. Terry will discuss the best time to handle a problem and simple things that have an enormous impact on customer satisfaction.

Video and Branding Media Panel

Panelists: Fred Light (Nashua Video), Angela Harkins and Heather Logrippo (Expose Yourself)
Moderator: Eric Berman

This panel will feature video professionals involved with the media, editing, and filming. Listen to what they think real estate video should accomplish and how you should be using it in your business. Also learn how to talk to the media, how to express your message effectively, and what video equipment to purchase.

General Session

Elliot Eisenberg, PH.D                             

This year’s general session will feature an economic update from Eliot Eisenberg, Ph.D as well as remarks from MAR’S 2015 president Corinne Fitzgerald.

21 Tools You MUST Leverage in Your Business

Rosemary Kelleher

This is a no-nonsense, “don't break the bank”, session on leveraging the tools, systems and practices to create and maintain a healthy and profitable real estate business. Rosemary will focus on the structure and understanding of what a healthy and successful real estate business should look like.

Getting into DNA of Generation X & Y

Terry Watson

Generation X and Y have rewritten the rules of customer service and customer retention. We travel in packs of three, question authority and live online. Terry, a card carrying Gen X’er will give you the secret handshake details that will convert this group into happy fans with big mouths.

Art of the Screen Share

Doug Devitre

Selling over the phone has its challenges. Sales that require a high level trust can happen remotely when the salesperson develops new skill sets with more customer-friendly sales technology.  When to share your screen is just as important as how you share it with customers.  Learn how to avoid making common mistakes when using web conference technology with the best screen to screen selling tactics.

The New TRID Rule: How Will it Affect Your Business?

Mike Krone

In this session you will learn the facets of this important change to the closing process before the rule goes into effect in October. The TRID rule is complicated-- but discover key facts in order to stay ahead.

Paperless Programs: Why or Why You Don’t Offer Them

Rosemary Kelleher

Catering to today's needs of virtual offices, paperless programs and not-in-person learning and management is a must. Learn what the key tools and applications necessary to create this ‘not -in-person’ environment are and how to keep your agents connected. Also find out the pros and cons of paperless programs and offices.

Round Robin

This interactive session includes 13 tables with different topics including: video, marketing, branding, mobile, and more. Attendees choose a table based on their interest. After 15 minutes of brainstorming innovative ideas, attendees will move to a different table. At the end of the final segment, the top three ideas from each table will be shared. 

One is the Loneliest Number

Leigh Brown

Are you swamped and ready to make the move toward a team concept for your real estate business? Leigh Brown will discuss different team models, how to structure a team for profitability, and how to find those team members. Overall, learn the steps to effectively take greater care of your clients.

Realtors Property Resource

Veronica McManus

In this class, you’ll learn how top agents use RPR as their all-in-one data and information source to build their business and impress clients. You will learn how to generate stunning property reports, conduct a detailed CMA in minutes, research schools and neighborhoods, and see how you can take it all on the road RPR Mobile™. RPR access is included in your annual NAR dues. There’s nothing to buy - no catch and three lucky attendees will win a Google Chromecast.