GRI 102: Managing Risk and Avoiding Lawsuits

  • Dates: 21 – 28 Mar, 2017

GRI 102: Managing Risk and Avoiding Lawsuits

Dates: March 21 & 28
Where: MAR, HQ 1400 Main Street, Waltham
Price: $250

Learn to

•Acknowledge environmental issues
•Avoid liability
•Keep accurate records
•Properly disclose information
•Reduce your risk

Note: This is a TWO-Day Course. GRI courses can be taken in any order.

Day one: This cutting edge class brings Realtors® up to date on topical environmental issues such as radon, UFFI, lead paint, mold, CFC’s, PCB’s, water quality, septics, oil spills, asbestos, EPA regulations, etc. Students learn how to avoid the legal liabilities associated with environmental issues through an understanding of relevant common and statutory law.

Day two: This sections focuses on six areas of Risk Reduction: 93A Consumer Protection, Agency, Contract Law, Fair Housing, Antitrust, and Contract Addendums. Class discussions are based around the types of agencies, broker relationships and more. The final segment of the class includes the importance of protected groups and the history of Federal & State Fair Housing regulations.