• GRI 201: Tools of the Trade

    March 21, 2023 - March 27, 2023
    9:00 AM - 1:15 PM

    You will learn about lending, closing costs, loans, credit scores, how to negotiate effectively and serve clients within the law and Code of Ethics. Taught by Tom Matthews, Kimberly Allard and Nelson Zide.
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  • The Impact of DEI on Risk Management – NAR Webinar

    March 23, 2023
    3:00 PM

    Join industry experts for a discussion about how Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) strategies can help reduce the risk of discrimination and harassment claims, and even help a board make better decisions. This webinar offered by NAR, is designed for…
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  • An Introduction to RPR® Residential Webinar

    April 4, 2023
    2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

    RPR’s one-stop-shop will help you save time, improve productivity and navigate a challenging market. This introductory webinar will help you gain a basic understanding of what RPR has to offer.
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  • GRI 202: Building a Foundation

    June 7, 2023 - June 15, 2023
    9:00 AM - 1:15 PM

    Learn about different architecture, understanding the appraisal process, zonings and building codes, and getting familiar with smart growth and green awareness. Taught by Peter West, Gary Bourque and Andy Consoli.
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  • REALTOR® Day on Beacon Hill

    June 12, 2023
    11:00 AM

    Save the date for REALTOR® Day on Beacon Hill on Monday, June 12. Contact your local association to register.
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  • GRI 301: Technology

    September 13, 2023 - September 21, 2023
    9:00 AM - 1:15 PM

    You will learn about using tech tools, producing video and how to market real estate online. Taught by Kimberly Allard.
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  • MAR Annual Conference

    September 26, 2023 - September 28, 2023
    9:00 AM

    Join us for the annual MAR Conference on September 26-28 at Mohegan Sun in Montville, CT. More details and registration link to come.
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  • Riding with the Brand

    October 5, 2023
    1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

    Join us on October 5 at Polar Park in Worcester for the Riding with the Brand event in 2023 to get in your stride and take pride in being a REALTOR® and the teamwork that’s driving us forward.
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  • GRI 302: Expanding Your Base

    October 17, 2023 - October 25, 2023
    9:00 AM - 1:15 PM

    You will understand the nuances of industrial, commercial and international real estate, how to handle foreclosures and short sales, and expedite closings and settlements. Taught by Linda Kody and Marie Presti.
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  • Installation of Officers & Directors

    October 26, 2023
    6:00 PM

    Join us for the 2024 Installation of Officers and Directors at Danversport on October 26 in Danvers MA. More details to come.
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