President’s Message: Be All That You Can Be!

March 2, 2020

- By Kurt Thompson

Many of you will remember that famous Army jingle playing on your radio or television. That highly memorable and catchy slogan ran for 21 years from 1980 through 2001. It personally resonated with me as a young man, and also led many other young adults to seek our higher selves through service to the country. It was a promise that if you joined something that was bigger than yourself, destiny would lead you to become your best self.

2020 is going to be a fantastic year, and I want to call upon you to “be all that you can be.” Specifically, I want you to be the best REALTOR® you can be! I strongly believe that when you truly feel the charge of being a REALTOR®, you live your professional life in service to your clients, your fellow REALTORS®, and the industry. This uplifts your life and leaves both the industry and the world a better place.

Seek to be the best you can be in 2020 in three important areas:

1)      Seek to become your best self. Strive to do everything at a higher level and seek personal improvement daily. You are the source of all of your success and challenging yourself to be better is often a hard thing to do. I try to live by a philosophy that everything can be improved. To never be satisfied with “good” when it can be “great.”  Each day, work hard to get just a little bit stronger or become just one percent better in each of the areas that you seek to improve.

2)      Seek exceptional client experiences. Improve the way you deliver services and seek to enrich the client experience. It is easy to become comfortable with how you practice. When you get to a certain level of knowledge and experience, many times you just operate on autopilot. You must break through that comfort level and ask every day, “How can I make the client experience even better?!” Endeavor not only to successfully get the client to the finish line in their transaction but to also have it be the best experience they have ever had with a REALTOR®!

3)      Seek and engage your fellow REALTORS®. Engage a community where friendly “Coop-atition” is the norm and not the exception. A community where you live not only by the rules of the Code of Ethics but also by the spirit of its lofty ideals. Where you seek to create an environment of professionalism, respect, and operate with best practices at the heart of all you do. To strive each day to live by the ‘Golden Rule’ and create the culture in which you want to practice.

I believe 2020 is your year! Not only for explosive personal and professional growth, but the year where you reach out to your REALTOR® Association, connect with your fellow REALTORS® and engage with an industry that has so much to offer you. The REALTOR® Association is calling you and wants you to “Be the best REALTOR® you can be!”