Message from the CEO – September/October

September 9, 2020

- By Theresa Hatton

Safety First! This issue of Bay State REALTOR® is focused on the safety of our members. At first thought, you might think of safety in terms of a physical attack. Real estate is in this very active real estate market, being safe is especially important due to Covid-19.

With such a low level of inventory in Massachusetts, homes are being sold at a rapid pace. This environment requires our members and their customers to make quick decisions and uncomplicated offers. The stress and pressure on all parties is real. Keeping yourself safe includes your physical and mental well-being. In these pressured times, be sure to schedule some time to yourself, away from screens and meetings, and allow yourself some time to recharge. If members do not take time away to rest, the heightened stress can make the body more prone to illness. With this pandemic and the busy market, members need to take precautions to keep themselves protected.

I am sorry that we won’t get to see each other in person at the MAR Conference this fall. MAR leaders and the team on staff are all working hard to keep the industry safe so that business can be conducted. We look forward to seeing you in-person at a future time.

We hope that you enjoy this issue of Bay State REALTOR® magazine.

Best regards,

Theresa Hatton