Message From the CEO – Marketing Issue

July 20, 2020

- By Theresa Hatton

Greetings, REALTOR® Family,

This issue we focus on marketing…a favorite topic of mine since my early career which then inspired me to earn an MBA with a specialization in marketing. Connecting ideas and people together is the way that we can all collaborate to bring success, whether it is through finding a future home or new policy initiatives, if we aren’t communicating with others there is no way to bring a successful outcome.

MAR is currently in the process of changing the way we communicate with our members, industry partners, and consumers. We are in the process of changing our CRM to make it easier for you to connect with MAR and help us learn more about your concerns, needs, and resources that could help you in your business. MAR is currently working on a new website, where you will be able to find information easily. The site is browser-neutral, mobile responsive, and will have the ability for you to select the areas in which you practice and provide consumers with a member search.

MAR has also engaged a public relations firm to help us share your stories with the media. You don’t just sell houses, you build communities, connections, and neighborhoods. We are looking forward to discussing more than numbers and really communicate the value of REALTORS® to our economies and community resiliency.

Enjoy this issue and I look forward to connecting with you soon!

Theresa Hatton