Members Take: Commitment to Excellence

September 16, 2019

- By Sabrina Lapointe

The C2EX program isn’t your typical class or course, it’s an endorsement available to REALTORS® who want to distinguish themselves in all areas of real estate.

You know the industry is always changing. What are YOU doing to keep up and adapt to the evolving industry? If you’re unsure how to answer that, C2EX is a good place to start. The C2EX program isn’t your typical class or course, it’s an endorsement available to REALTORS® who want to distinguish themselves in all areas of real estate. C2EX is a free tool at the fingertips of MAR members to measure proficiency in different elements of real estate. Brushing up on industry knowledge not only makes you a better REALTOR® but also puts you ahead of your competitors. Most importantly, it gives you credibility and allows your clients to see how much you care about your professionalism.

Join the REALTORS® below and unlock your highest potential.

Linda Kody
Kody & Company, Inc.

Q: What made you decide to do C2 EX, how would you describe your experience with it as an instructor?

A: As a committee member for Professional Development and Professional Standards at NAR, and as a Broker/Owner and instructor, it was important that I not only support the program but have a working knowledge of what was available to REALTORS®. The program builds on our knowledge and gives tips and self-tests so that we are always able to improve. I love telling new agents about the program as a way to improve their knowledge base and professionalism. Seasoned agents can find out how well they do on the self-assessments, and it’s often a surprise at what they missed. I like that the program can be worked on a desktop or mobile device, and can be done in short spurts. It often raises questions and gets the conversation started about current events and topics like anti-trust, fair housing, and cybersecurity.

Patrick Kennedy
Keller Williams Pinnacle Central
REALTORS® Association of Central Mass

Q: What made you decide to do C2EX and would you recommend it?

A: I looked at C2EX as an opportunity to see where I stood as a professional.  I believe as professionals we should always be learning.  Sometimes that means revisiting things you might already have learned in the past to be sure you are sustaining a solid foundation.  Going through each module was eye-opening as I learned there were things I needed to brush up on. I would recommend C2EX to other REALTORS® as a way to help show they are always striving to be the best. I feel the reason C2EX is worth taking is that it is a free way to take your professionalism to the next level.

Dia Trancynger
Associate at Landmark Residential
Wellesley Hills, MA

Q: Which assessment did you learn the most from? (Real Estate Law, Code of Ethics, Article 10, Technology, Safeguard Privacy, etc.) How did you put it into practice?

A: The technology assessment forced me out of my comfort zone and helped tune my skills, however, the code of ethics is like every REALTOR’S® Constitution! Working in the field you are aware of so many violations that having a firm grasp of the articles and their application allows me to practice with confidence and knowledge. I have put so much of what I have learned into practice. The field of real estate has changed dramatically over the past two decades and if you don’t continue to evolve using new tools and technology it creates a barrier to success.