How To Repurpose Your Content

July 20, 2020

- By Teah Hopper

Marketing your real estate business can feel like a full-time job in itself. You have to maintain your social media accounts, your website, your email newsletter, among other things. With so much to juggle, digital marketing can quickly become overwhelming. Luckily, there’s one easy way to reduce the stress: Repurpose your content.

Repurposing content allows you to maximize the time you spend on digital marketing. Instead of constantly creating more and more content, you’ll create less content that’s more valuable. Then you’ll break that piece of content down into five, 10, or even 15 other pieces of content. When you repurpose your content – whether into a different format or on a different channel – you’ll not only save a lot of time, but you will also get more eyes on your content. Here are three steps to follow to help you successfully repurpose your content.

1. Create one piece of longer-form content. I say “longer”-form because it doesn’t have to be super long. Three minutes is considered a long video these days. This could look like a video, a blog, a vlog, or a podcast. Just be sure it’s original content – you create it with your own voice and your own ideas.

2. Create shorter content from longer-form content. Break that longer-form content into shorter, bite-sized pieces of content. This could look like an article, meme, graphic, image, infographic, quote, or even just other posts. The more you can break it down, the better!

3. Distribute all of that content across all marketing channels. Start sharing these pieces of content on your social media channels. You can likely use them across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest. Be sure that you’re hitting all the platforms that you’re on – but do be mindful of each channel, how they differ from one another, and repurpose thoughtfully.

Beyond social media, you can share this same content on your website and in your email newsletters. Not everyone is on social media so take the extra step to deliver the content you are creating to their email inbox.

There are two tools that will help you do this seamlessly. The first is a CRM, or customer relationship management system. A CRM will ensure that all your clients are seeing your content, and it will seamlessly connect all your marketing channels. A CRM is a great investment. Remember that we don’t own Facebook or Instagram and the “rules” on these platforms change all the time. If Facebook was gone tomorrow, would you have a way to contact your clients or leads? With a CRM, you have their contact information and aren’t relying on an algorithm to ensure they see your message.

The second is a content calendar. Use a content calendar to plan out your content and when it will hit each marketing channel. This will help you stay organized, plan ahead, and be strategic. Grab a how-to guide, with step-by-step instructions on how to set up your own content calendar here.

{Bonus Tip}: Create evergreen content. Instead of creating content that’s only going to be relevant for a few weeks, create content that is going to be relevant for months – or even years. For example, a blog with staging tips will withstand the test of time, while a blog post about paint color trends only is relevant for a short season.

Ready to get started? A great first step to repurposing content is to go back and look at what evergreen content you’ve already created. Then, reshare it – or repurpose and share it in a different format. The goal is to extend the life of your content and, in the end, save yourself time!

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