How to Prepare for the MAR Conference & Trade Show

August 28, 2019

- By Sabrina Lapointe

If you somehow missed it, the Massachusetts Association of REALTORS® Annual Conference & Trade Show is now just a few short weeks away! Don’t have a ticket? You’re in luck because you still have time to go! It isn’t too late to purchase your ticket here.

On September 10th and 11th, the MGM Resort and Casino and Mass Mutual Center in Springfield will be filled with REALTORS®, industry leaders, and exhibitors talking about everything you need to know about the present and future of real estate.

Before you make your way to Springfield, we want to let you in on five tips to help you get the most out of your experience.

1. Get in the Mindset

An important first step is getting in the right mindset before heading to the conference. Tie up any loose ends or unfinished projects to make sure you’re going in with a clear head. After you wrap up your work, you can shift gears and focus on getting excited for what you will experience and learn. Familiarize yourself with the speakers by reading some of their content, get a feel for who they are and what you might learn from them.

2. Download the App

That’s right, you can download the MAR Conference Mobile app for free on any device including tablets. You can access the conference schedule, check out real-time conference photos on the news feed, directly contact an exhibitor, receive important alerts, and more. Be sure to plan out your day by looking at the conference schedule and determine which sessions you will be attending. To download the app: visit the Apple App Store or Google Play store and install the ‘CrowdCompass AttendeeHub’ app. Then search ‘MAR Conference & Trade Show’ within the app and tap download. *Available for iPhone, iPad, Android, and HTML5 for Blackberry.*

3. Have A Social Media Plan

Taking simple pictures and quickly posting to your social media accounts can be a good way to keep yourself in front of your audience and showcase yourself making connections that will benefit your clients.  It also shows your audience your commitment to furthering your industry knowledge. Be sure to share your biggest takeaways, tell your audience what you learned. Using social media prior to the conference is also a good idea. Whether it’s your first time going or you’re a veteran attendee, taking to social media to share your excitement leading up to the conference is a good way to keep yourself engaged. Making sure to keep up with social media after the conference is also important. This might be a good time for you to process everything you learned by writing a blog post about your experience.

4. Take Advantage of Networking

This is one of the only times during the year where you are in the same building as this many REALTORS®, speakers, vendors, exhibitors, etc. Make sure you are engaging with these people. Use this as an opportunity to showcase yourself and your talents, create conversations with others to learn from each other and your experiences in the industry. Be sure to bring business cards and exchange websites, blogs, and social media accounts. While you are there to learn, it is also important for you to market yourself and expand your network of connections!

5. Follow Up After the Conference

Remember, there are still some important steps to take even after the conference is finished. You’ll probably find yourself loaded up with business cards from the connections you made. Don’t be afraid to follow up with those who impacted you the most. Be sure to hop onto LinkedIn and connect with them there. The more connections you can establish in the industry, the better. If you feel inclined, set up a time to meet with these people again. If someone made a lasting impression on you, don’t lose touch with them. Use them as a resource to continue, learning and growing as a REALTOR®.