Governor Healey’s First Budget Makes Housing a Priority

May 4, 2023

- By The MAR Legal Team

Governor Healey’s first budget and accompanied tax relief proposal indicate support for housing. While her budget overall was a 6% increase over FY23 funding levels, several housing assistance line items saw larger increases, averaging a 13% increase. Many of these line items saw significant funding increases during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, largely from federal funding. The state has stepped up to maintain them above pre-pandemic numbers.

The Legislature held a hearing on March 28th on the Governor’s tax relief proposal and related bills. MAR supported: 

  • Tax relief for seniors and renters 
  • Tax credit increases for lead paint abatement and septic system repairs or replacements 
  • Extending brownfields tax credits 
  • Increasing funding for the Housing Development Incentive Program which has a robust history of success creating more housing in gateway cities. 
  • Increasing the estate tax threshold to account for increases in home values and make Massachusetts more competitive with other states 
  • Additional tax relief measures including capital gains relief and employer student loan assistance. 

Read MAR’s full testimony.