Five Questions With – REALTOR® Safety

September 3, 2019

- By Robert Siciliano

What are some of the risks Realtors® face on a daily basis?

A. There are unfortunately many risks that Realtors® face on a daily basis, from their information being targeted in a security breach to becoming victims of physical and violent crimes. An agent would not need to dig deep to find horrific stories of fallen agents.

What are some steps Realtors® should take in protecting their safety during an open house?

A. These warning signs in the physical world generally aren’t very obvious. However, an agent’s intuition might be able to sense potential threats. In other words, when someone (a potential threat) means to do the agent harm, that threat is sending off negative energy. That negative energy metastasizes in incongruent physical body language. This can be odd facial expressions, body language, and eye contact that when received by the agents intuition that says “something is wrong”.

What is the better option: fight or flight?


Your first and best option is avoiding and removing yourself from a potentially dangerous situation if you  sense that something is wrong or you feel fear. However, if an agent is backed into a corner in a compromising situation negotiating may work, but it generally doesn’t. Studies show that resistance, whether verbal, yelling and screaming, or physical, fighting back, in as much as nine out of 10 situations can be effective in getting out of a dangerous situation.

What are some apps you recommend for safety?

A. Apps that provide location information and have the ability to send off a notification for assistance have some value. Keeping in mind that it is just an app, and the agents brain is their best offensive weapon. Running away and screaming is also effective, fighting back is sometimes necessary, so know your options prior to relying on an app by itself.

Safety Resources:

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