Finding the Right MarTech Tools, and The Right Brand for your Business

July 23, 2019

- By Sponsored by Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation

While there are a lot of fun new Marketing Technology (Martech) tools being produced almost daily, a few basics will do the trick. The key is to be comfortable using them and to do so on a regular basis. The other piece is to understand your brand and what is it you are saying on these platforms that will make people to want to do business with you. First, the tools:

Website – it goes without saying that you must have a personal website (or page on company site).

CRM – This is where you track all your contacts, and all relevant information for them. You should use it regularly to stay connected to your past clients and cultivate new ones.

Email – Email is still the number one platform for conveying important, relevant information. It can integrate with your CRM to schedule posts to groups of contacts on a regular basis.

Digital Home Tour Tools – Virtual tours and home staging tools are the standard in this social savvy age. Here is the 2019 list of some of the best available.

Lead Generation Platform – There are companies that offer agents their own lead generation funnels to capture warm leads off of you and your business partner’s websites and social media pages.

Mobile Apps – A wide variety of apps offer real estate transaction management systems, helpful data for your clients, even room measurements in an instant! Check out this list of top apps from the Real Estate Technology Institute.

Social Media/Instagram/Video/LinkedIn – Important tools to promote yourself, be searchable, and give people a sense of your flavor. A scheduler such as Hootsuite allows you to schedule your posts across multiple platforms all at once, a must-have time saving tool.

These Martech tools can help you stay connected to past, current and future clients. It is your knowledge, personality, and understanding of your client’s needs, otherwise known as your brand, that ultimately will compel people do business with you and refer you to others.