Developments in Local Advocacy

May 4, 2023

- By The MAR Legal Team

MAR frequently partners with local associations on important local and regional issues. Two that have risen to the fore in Q1 are: 

  • Proposed regulatory changes to Title V – The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) proposed new regulations to reduce nitrogen loads in areas of the Cape and South Shore. They create two pathways whereby towns can either make a commitment to addressing this issue at the municipal level through a 20-year permit, or homeowners will be required to install the best available nitrogen reducing technology within 5-years, at a cost of $25,000-$30,000 or more. Read more about the proposal, here. MAR worked with the Cape Cod and Islands Association of REALTORS®, REALTOR® Association of Southeastern Massachusetts, and South Shore REALTORS® to draft comments in opposition to burdening homeowners. Read MAR’s full comments.
  • Crumbling Concrete Foundations – Homes across central Massachusetts have shown signs of pyrrhotite contamination, whereby a mineral in their foundations causes them to fall into disrepair. The only repair is to replace the home’s foundation, a time consuming and expensive proposition that is not covered by insurance. In recent years, MAR successfully advocated for funding to help homeowners access testing to determine if their home has this issue and is now supporting two bills this session (S.2242 and S.495) that would mandate quarry testing, provide information to homeowners, and create an assistance fund and tax relief mechanisms for those impacted. Several members of the REALTOR® Association of Central Massachusetts participated in a statehouse event and legislative meetings on this issue in late March and testified at a hearing on April 10th along with MAR staff and Representative Joseph McKenna. Watch the video.