What if...

by User Not Found | Jun 29, 2016
I was visiting a friend outside of Washington D.C. prior to the start of the National Association of Realtors® (NAR) Midyear Legislative Conference & Expo in May. Unfortunately, I was arriving earlier than she thought and she didn’t leave me a key. While I was waiting, it got me thinking about what if my friend’s home had some of the smart home technologies that are featured in this issue?
For example, if she had an Internet-connected deadbolt lock, she could have just sent me a one-time use code. Then, using my phone’s Bluetooh connection, I could open the door. Once inside, I could use the voice-enabled system to turn on the television and have it pull up a list of programs involving Boston sports teams. I could also ask the system to turn up the air conditioning. Just think of the possibilities.

Well, it turns out that all of these technologies are coming, if not already here. As a Realtor® it’s important that you know about these types of products and how they may, or may not, impact a transaction. How should you advise your buying clients? What about your selling clients? Do these systems stay with the house like a light fixture, or can the seller take them? You’ll find this out and more by reading, “Ride the Smart Tech Wave,” written by Eric MacDougall on page 12.

The Insider Column, written by David Conroy, NAR’s Center for Real Estate Technology (CRT) looks ahead in “Decluttering the Smart Home,” and gives you a glimpse at some of the smart technologies that are coming. CRT is the National Association of Realtors® version of “Skunk Works” where David and his fellow engineers look to find solutions to problems we didn’t know we had yet.   

Shining The Light on Solar:
As residential solar panels become more and more common, it is important to understand what their presence means to a transaction. Does the homeowner own the panels? Do they lease them? Do they have some other arrangement? To help you get some clarity, MAR’s legal staff put together a primer on what you need to know to better counsel your clients on page 11.

Whether it’s smart home technologies or solar panels, the speed with which these products are becoming part of the home buying and selling process is only accelerating. The better you’re able to stay in front of the wave, the more valuable you’ll be to your clients. Now, if my friend only had some of these technologies, I would have been able to go inside and relax!