Letter from the Editor The Choice is Yours

by MAR Staff | Dec 14, 2011
By Karen Dumond

The change of seasons is the perfect time to update your wardrobe from last winter. I’ve been shopping like crazy for shoes and boots (what woman hasn’t?). I was most successful finding great shoes at DSW. Some friends find the store overwhelming; I like it. I have also been checking different stores for a coat and recently went to Burlington Coat Factory. My mom swears by that store. There were racks and racks of coats, but guess what? The store was not for me. What it boils down to: One person’s treasure may be another’s trash.

We have different needs and wants. And the Realtor® organization knows how different its members’ needs can be, just as merchants do about their customers. This issue’s feature on the Value of Membership on page 12 shares with you many of the discounts, benefits, and resources that membership buys you, in the hopes that at least one of them will resonate with you. The feature also intends to point out how valuable your dues dollars are to you personally and professionally.

The article, written by MAR CEO Robert Authier, addresses the varying needs of members and shows the tremendous value one receives from membership. He elaborates on a few major benefits at the state Association level to illustrate how much you can save in using these services available only to members. We don’t always correlate the cost of dues to the benefits we gain, but his article shares the actual dollar savings you can realize over and above your dues by using the tools, discounts, and benefits you have as a REALTOR®. You’ll be amazed, and I guarantee you’ll find something that is right for you.

The REALTOR®.  organization is enormous, and its benefits are bountiful at all three levels of the Association. The feature can give you only a glimpse, but the glimpse should be enough for you to regularly seek out products and services within the Association first before “shopping” anywhere else. Why? Because your organization has researched at great length to find out what its members need and want – and it has delivered. The feature also gives you some direction as to the best and quickest way to find many of the benefits, discounts, and services awaiting you so that you can start shopping today. You might find your Burlington Coat Factory while searching but you’ll find many more “stores” through the REALTOR®. Association that have exactly what you like and what you need to be more successful.