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Relationship Building Is Key: State of the Listing Presentation

by Shelby O'Hare | Mar 01, 2019
The Realtors® Property Resource® (RPR®) recently released its "2018 State of the Listing Presentation" survey. The goal of the survey was to help you understand the keys to successful listing presentations and how they can result in more signed contracts.

According to the 457 people who took the survey, the success of listing presentations lies primarily in client relationships. Most respondents (93%) reported that they gave listing presentations with prospective clients in a face-to-face setting. Less than seven percent reported using other methods such as phone calls, emails, or “other.”  

The clear preference for face-to-face meetings emphasizes the value you place on your relationships with your clients. However, follow-ups were also cited as an important part in the process. Phone calls were the primary way respondents chose to follow-up with sellers (86%), with emails coming in second at 59 percent and handwritten notes coming in third at 40 percent. Respondents also reported that their references (63%) had the most positive impact on the number of listings they secure, underscoring the importance of relationships and how they can lead to more signed contracts. Realtors’® online presence (46%) also had a significant impact on the listings they were able to secure.  

When it comes to what to include in your listing presentation, some of the most popular and effective items were: a competitive analysis; a market analysis; a marketing plan; seller tips; a copy of the contract and agency disclosure; a history of past sales in the area; your bio, you (or your broker’s) commission rates; seller proceeds worksheet; what makes you different from other agents; references and testimonials, and a questionnaire for the seller to complete regarding the needs of their home.  

The home valuation is also a key driver of the success of listing presentations. The survey found that 84 percent of respondents agreed that presenting an accurate valuation model in the first meeting is important. Valuations tend to be a confusing topic for sellers, so listing presentations create the perfect opportunity for you to bridge this information gap and help your clients understand what it means and how their valuation was calculated. When provided with an accurate valuation during or before a listing presentation, sellers feel more confident in your expertise. This trust between you and the seller, in turn, sets you up for a more positive relationship with your client, and, ultimately, leads to more signed contracts.